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Tag & Stick The Resilient Underlayment Solution For Your Roof

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When was the last time you took note of your home’s roof? Never? Well, don’t feel too guilty. The average homeowner pays no attention to the rooftop unless there is a problem.

Designed as a structural support that keeps the whole house together, the roof’s primary function is to protect your home’s interior against the elements. Of the many components that make up the roof, one of the most important is a resilient roof underlayment.

Why Is Roof Underlayment Necessary?

We all rely on our roof to keep us safe and dry. But what happens if a severe storm rips off the roof tiles and exposes the decking?

Installed before roofing, roofing underlayment acts as a secondary layer of protection between the shingles/tiles, and the roof deck. Its critical role is to protect the home interior from heat and rain damage. Roof underlayment protects the roof decking and home interior by preventing water from infiltrating into the roof cavity during a storm.If tiles are damaged or ripped off during a storm, the decking will be exposed.

Roof underlayment provides a secondary layer of protection that prevents water from entering and damaging ceilings and walls, as well as the home interior such as floors, furniture, and appliances. Water can seep in through broken or cracked roofing materials, eaves, valleys, and protrusions like skylights or chimneys. By preventing water seepage and keeping the roof decking dry, roof underlayment indirectly precludes the formation of mold and mildew.

Tag & Stick, The Most Resilient Roof Underlayment

Tag & Stick does not claim to be the first roof underlayment on the market, but it can claim to be superior to other underlayment types. Composed of reinforced fiberglass material and soaked in asphalt, it is a self-sealing and long-lasting roofing product.

The modified 2-ply system has solved two main problems that other roof underlayment manufacturers have failed to address, namely:

  • Poor adhesion to the roof decking. The underlayment gets damaged and loosens as moisture, wind, and dust affect it. This requires immediate repair or replacement if the roof is to remain protected.
  • Overly robust adhesion to the roof decking. When removing the underlayment, parts of the roof decking get damaged, causing structural weakness to the roof.

Tag & Stick underlayment has not only resolved both those issues but has other superior qualities, such as:

  • Being 115mm thick, it is two times thicker than its competitors.
  • It is the only self-adhered underlayment, that fastens directly to the roof decking, that meets South Florida’s Wind Upliftment Codes.
  • It is versatile and can be applied to any roofing.

The self-adhered, peel & stick style, combined with the mechanically attached top sheet, is easy to apply. The advantages of that include the following:

  • Less manpower.
  • Less time spent on the roof, minimizing the risk of injury.
  • No potentially dangerous hot tar or torches.
  • The roof decking does not need to be primed.
  • It is durable and can withstand up to six months of direct exposure to the elements.
  • All the material required is on the modified 2-ply roll, so fewer trips up and down the roof are needed.
  • It can be removed without damaging the roof decking.
  • It can be applied to both low and steep-slope roofing.

Resilient Roof Underlayment From Tag & Stick

As active members of the Roofing Contractor Association of South Florida, Palm Beach Roofers Association, and the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractors Association, Tag & Stick LLC are trusted experts in their field. We can meet your roofing underlayment requirements, no matter how steep the roof is.

Don’t settle for anything less than an underlayment solution that sticks. Call us at 954-255-3107.

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