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Tag & Stick is your underlayment solution for all your sloped roofing needs.

As a roofer, you want only the best quality supplies for your jobs. Whether you are doing installations, repairs or maintenance, your reputation depends on your workmanship and materials. This is especially relevant when choosing the best underlayment product for your project.

At Tag & Stick, we understand the importance of using the best quality products which is why we make sure that our underlayment products are nothing short of top-class.

Our underlayment solution combines the effectiveness of a proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology to make sure that your job is done with the high standard of quality that out performs local code requirements!

tag and stick water proofing
Asphalt saturated felt paper
Synthetic underlayment
Synthetic underlayment

Different Types of Roofing Underlayment Options

Homes in Florida have to compete with the heat of the sun throughout the year, sudden torrential downpours and the expected events of hurricane season. In addition, each home is built uniquely and requires a specific underlayment installation to keep the roof protecting your home in prime condition.

The main factors to consider when deciding on which type of underlayment is the type & condition of the roof deck, roof pitch, type of roof covering, type and thickness of the materials, and the method of installation of the underlayment. In Florida, the following three roofing underlayment types are most popular:

  • Asphalt-saturated felt paper – previously the go-to choice before the introduction of synthetic materials.
  • Synthetic underlayment – combining fiberglass with asphalt, synthetic underlayment products are a popular choice when a more stable underlayment is needed.
  • Rubberized roofing underlayment products such as modified bitumen or peel-and-stick membranes – waterproof and with higher percentages of asphalt and rubber polymers, these products are a popular choice for rainy areas.
Rubberized roofing underlayment
Tag & Stick roofing underlayment
Tag & Stick roofing underlayment – combination of all

The Underlayment Solution For All Of Your Sloped Roofing Needs

Tag & Stick is a two-ply underlayment system that combines a proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology to ensure that it works with optimum effect. in one step. By laminating 2 layers of like and kind materials, you can achieve a two-ply fiberglass/modified application.

The product can be installed with any steep slope roofing product such as tile, shingles, metal, shakes, slate, or any other sloped roofing product that requires an underlayment.

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Why Tag & Stick?

Tag & Stick underlayment has the unique advantage of being the only product that meets South Florida Building Code requirements as well as all the requirements in the Florida Building Code. (Dade NOA # 18-0220.13, Florida Product Approval # FL15218-R2)

The base portion of the MTP underlayment is mechanically fastened to the deck. In the event that someday the roof may need to be replaced, With Tag & Stick, roofers are able to remove the underlayment when re-roofing without damaging the sheathing.

Another big advantage is that using the product means that only one trip to the job site is needed for installation (where other products require two trips). This saves your business time and money!

These are just two special advantages of using Tag & Stick, here are a few more:

  • The product is designed with a two-ply secondary water barrier to work as a backup barrier preventing water intrusion.
  • It consists of two layers – top layer 60 mils, the bottom layer 55 mils – 115 mils total
  • Significantly faster installation than other two-ply systems
  • The installation allows for fewer trips to the jobsite than usual – saving you time and money
  • No priming of the deck is required
  • The product is removable in the future for your convenience
  • The product will not delaminate the decking at re-roof time
  • No hot tar or torches required… No kettle and hot mop requirements mean a much safer jobsite
  • Better uplift than codified 30/90 hot mop, and self-adhered materials over mechanically attached base sheets
  • Works with battens and all existing flashing
  • Dry in, metal, cap sheet all at once

Tag & Stick Underlayment

Starter Sheet Calculations based on Squares

Estimates only, actual results may vary.

Roof Area in Squares (100 SqFt)
Eave Lineal Feet/Square
Roof Size
Calculation for Lineal Feet
40.00 x 7.50 = 300.00
Lineal Feet Needed
Starter Sheet Length
Calculation for Stater Sheet Rolls 300.00 / 66.8 = 4.49 Rolls
Rolls Needed 4.49 Rolls
Rolls per Box 2.00 Roll
Boxes Needed 2.25 Boxes
Order 3.00 Boxes
Roof Area Squares Lineal Feet of Eave Starter Sheet Rolls Starter Sheet Boxes
15 112.50 1.68 0.84
20 150.00 2.25 1.12
25 187.50 2.81 1.40
30 225.00 3.37 1.68
35 262.50 3.93 1.96
40 300.00 4.49 2.25
45 337.50 5.05 2.53
50 375.00 5.61 2.81
55 412.50 6.18 3.09
60 450.00 6.74 3.37
65 487.50 7.30 3.65
70 525.00 7.86 3.93
75 562.50 8.42 4.21
80 600.00 8.98 4.49
85 637.50 9.54 4.77
90 675.00 10.10 5.05
95 712.50 10.67 5.33
100 750.00 11.23 5.61
105 787.50 11.79 5.89
110 825.00 12.35 6.18
115 862.50 12.91 6.46
120 900.00 13.47 6.74
125 937.50 14.03 7.02
130 975.00 14.60 7.30
135 1,012.50 15.16 7.58
140 1,050.00 15.72 7.86
145 1,087.50 16.28 8.14
150 1,125.00 16.84 8.42

Choose Tag & Stick Today

Choosing Tag & Stick as your product of choice will not only ensure that you are using a material of the highest quality, but will also help you cut down on costs and save time. There is a reason that we are Florida’s underlayment product of choice that is now spreading throughout the country – you can find out why today!

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