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Monthly Archives: August 2022

roofing products supplier

Tag & Stick A Premium Roofing Products Supplier

Reading Time: 2 minutes Roofing underlayment is an essential part of your roofing system. What you need is a high-quality roofing product supplier like Tag & Stick: a revolutionary underlayment product in the roofing…

roofing project

How Roofing Underlayment Can Benefit Your Next Roofing Project

Reading Time: 2 minutes Planning a new roofing project? Before thinking about replacing the tiles, shingles, or metal roof, (roof covering) you need to consider your roofing underlayment. This is an important piece of…

low slope roofing

Low-Slope Vs. Steep-Slope Roofing

Reading Time: 2 minutes When is a roof low-slope and when is it steep-slope? The magic number is less than 2:12 pitch. Any roof steeper than 2:12 is considered a steep-slope roof. If the…