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Tag & Stick Roofing Underlayment

Tag & Stick is a roofing underlayment company located in Broward County – the roofing underlayment product, Tag & Stick, was born from a need in the roofing industry that wasn’t being fulfilled by existing products on the market. Using principles that have been integral in the roofing industry for over 25 years, Tag & Stick has changed the way roofing companies protect the roofs of Florida homes.

Before Tag & Stick, self-adhered underlayment was already used to prevent leaks, moisture, and other debris from getting into the home. It sticks well to the roof decking: sometimes a little too well, making it difficult to make repairs or renovations without damaging the surface underneath. Other times, the underlayment lacked the adhesion necessary to withstand high amounts of moisture, which is quite common in rainy, humid Florida. These issues were well known in the roofing industry, but no solution had been provided.

Enter Tag & Stick, the underlayment that is self-adhering with superior strength but also able to be removed without ripping pieces of sheathing and decking material. These roofing elements, left unrepaired, can cause damage to the building structure over time, often exceeding the cost of the roof itself. What was needed, but not yet available, was a roofing underlayment that was as strong as it was removable.

This simple yet innovative solution makes life easier for roofers and homeowners alike, with stronger roofing materials made to withstand South Florida elements long-term. With this product, Tag & Stick has changed the face of the roofing industry, ensuring that commercial or residential properties will stand strong for years to come.

History of Tag and Stick

Roofing Underlayment

What Is Roofing Underlayment?

“Underlayment” refers to the protective layer under the roofing covering materials that keeps, water, moisture, dirt, dust, and other contaminants out of the home, preventing mold and other damages.

There are three common types of underlayment:

  • Asphalt-saturated felt: Made from refined crude oil residue, this asphalt mixture helps make the roof waterproof.
  • Modified asphalt: This is asphalt that has been rubberized to make it durable and pliable over long periods of time.
  • Non-bitumen synthetic: Made from hard plastics like polypropylene and polyethylene, synthetic materials have excellent durability and waterproofing qualities.

The type of underlayment used on a particular home or business depends on the specific structure. A roofing contractor will make recommendations based on the aesthetics and needs of the building.

What Tag & Stick Offers Your Home

Businesses and homeowners in South Florida can enjoy the following benefits of Tag & Stick underlayment:

Weather Protection

Roofing tiles/shingles have aesthetic appeal, but their primary function is to keep water from entering the home by their overlapping arrangement on the roof. However, strong winds can occasionally lift them up or blow them off altogether. If the covering breaks away, it’s the underlayment that still keeps rain and other storm debris from getting into the house.

Aesthetic Appeal

Underlayment offers vital protection but still helps with outer appearances. When properly applied, it helps the roof structure appear even and allows for the smooth placement of shingles. Evenly-placed shingles or tiles offer increased curbside appeal, boosting the value of the home.

Improved Lifespan

Ideally, a well-structured roof should last up to 30 years. If maintained well, they can last as long as 50 years. Using quality materials like Tag & Stick roofing underlayment improves longevity by adding an additional layer of protection.

Energy Efficiency

Florida is hot year-round, costing residents high amounts of money in cooling costs. When air escapes from the home, perhaps due to gaps in the roof structure, the air conditioning works overtime to make up for that loss. That, in turn, results in higher utility bills. Fortunately, Tag & Stick roofing underlayment can help moderate and stabilize the temperature inside a building by strongly adhering to the roof deck, allowing no air to escape: even if the shingles crack during a particularly harsh storm.

Compliance With Building Codes

Florida’s harsh rainstorms and occasional hurricanes mean that every building has strict code requirements. The structure must meet certain safety standards. Tag & Stick underlayment is proud to fully meet those code requirements.

Better Quality Roofing Underlayment In South Florida

Residential homeowners and business property owners alike are enjoying the benefits of stronger, more durable roofs with Tag & Stick. This roofing underlayment has changed the face of the roofing industry, and it can change your home for the better as well.

Improve the integrity of homes and business properties with an underlayment that keeps dust, moisture, and other debris out, preventing mold and other structural damage during Florida’s hallmark hurricane season.

To learn more about this revolutionary product, reach out online or call 954-255-3107 and speak with one of our team members today.

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