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Why Tag & Stick Is The Best Underlayment In The Roofing Market

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Not all roof underlayment are the same. Some are constructed and/or applied differently than others. These factors have a direct connection to the longevity of your underlayment. The South Florida climate can take its toll on your roof. From windy spouts to sudden downpours, and intense summer heat. All these are reasons why you need the best underlayment. Here’s why Tag & Stick is the best underlayment in the roofing market.

Fastest Underlayment To Install

Roofing installs can take time. Keep in mind that your roof covering can’t go on until the underlayment is installed. The last thing you want is to have to go through a time-consuming underlayment installation. This is where Tag & Stick excels. Tag & Stick is a faster install than any conventional underlayment system. This is because it doesn’t rely on attachment methods such as hot mopping or the 2 step of a base and cap sheet. With Tag & Stick, the first layer is attached mechanically to the deck. Once this is on, the second layer attaches by the use of a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

There is no wait time after the first layer goes on because of its mechanical attachment. Before you know it, you have a two-ply, water-resistant barrier. The best news is that it’s a one-step installation. There’s no need for return visits. Your underlayment is installed on one site visit. This makes it a convenient roof underlayment for homeowners.

Double The Protection

Tag & Stick is a two-ply underlayment, it combines a proven mechanical attachment system with self-adhering technology. It celebrates the best of two proven attachment methods. The combined layer thickness of 115 mils consists of 60 mil and 55 mil layers. The double layers of reinforced fiberglass offer superior water resistance. Tag & Stick is also versatile and is a great solution for all roof types. This is because it installs onto tile, shingle, slate, metal, and shakes roof types. Tag & Stick also excels on steep, sloping roofs. Tag & Stick’s double protection barrier makes it the best option on the roofing market.

Downright Durable

Choosing the right roof underlayment can be a challenge. At the end of the day, underlayment needs to stand the test of time. The last thing you want is for your underlayment to perish before your roof covering goes. This can be a very costly exercise to replace, as your roof needs to be removed to access the underlayment. Tag & Stick’s 115 mil thickness makes it very durable. Its combination of reinforced fiberglass and modified asphalt flux gives it a particular toughness. The Tag & Stick method has been used within the roofing industry for over 25 years. Its solid track record makes it a popular choice.

Roof builds can encounter various delays. Stock shortages and contractor availability can mean that your roof may be exposed for a few weeks. This is one of Tag & Stick’s main benefits. It can remain in the dry stage for months without damage. It won’t leak or break with foot traffic while you wait for the roof covering to be installed. With Tag & Stick, roofing delays are not a concern. This gives it the upper edge in the roofing market.

Easy To Remove

IF!!! Your roof ever needs to be replaced, Tag & Stick is easy to remove. Once again, because it does not adhere directly to the deck, the removal process is simple. A clean removal means that your roof deck will still be left intact. Your roofer will find working with Tag & Stick a joy. And best of all, you won’t waste precious time on your re-roofing project with quick removal. Your replacement roof covering will be down in no time.

Solid Backing

So all these advantages may sound great, but what about certification? Tag & Stick is the only roofing underlayment system that meets all of South Florida’s Building Code requirements. Tag & Stick has better wind uplift ratings than codified 30/90 hot mop. Tag & Stick, LLC is also an active  member of the Roofing Contractors Association Of South Florida, the Palm Beach Roofers Association, and the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association.

The Best Underlayment On The Roofing Market

Tap & Stick offers you some clear advantages. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another roofing underlayment with all these benefits. A fast install, incredibly versatile, and durable for years to come. Tag & Stick is the best underlayment on the roofing market. For more Tag & Stick facts, visit our FAQ page or give us a call at 954-255-4843.

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A proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology that can be installed with any steep slope roofing products.

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