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Category: Roofing Underlayment

quality roofing

Low-Quality Roofing Versus Good-Quality Roofing

Reading Time: 3 minutes The roof and first line of defense against the elements is an area of a home that not only needs but deserves quality roofing. Although the roofing system makes up…

roofing underlayment comparison

Roofing Underlayment Comparison: Residential vs Commercial

Reading Time: 3 minutes Underlayment is an important consideration when it comes to the type of roof you want to install. Sloped roofs are mainly used for residential builds and require specific underlayment features…

roofing felt vs. tar paper

Roofing Felt Vs. Tar Paper: What’s The Difference?

Reading Time: 2 minutes As a roofer, just like you have your go-to material suppliers, you most likely have your chosen method of roofing underlayment installation. While there are three main types of roofing…

best underlayment for shingles

Why Is Tag & Stick The Best Underlayment For Shingles?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Roof shingles are a very popular and cost-effective roofing solution. What helps roof shingles to weather the storm and stick it for the long-run is a quality underlayment system; one…

residential roof underlayment

Is Residential Roof Underlayment Necessary?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Residential roof underlayment can sometimes be regarded as a waste of time and money; other roofing professionals believe it is necessary to ensure that the whole roofing system works efficiently….

roofing products

Why Roofing Products Need To Be Up To Code

Reading Time: 3 minutes Building codes exist for your safety and the safety of others, not to mention the protection of your property. If your roofing products aren’t up to code, you’re going to…

Tag & Stick Roof Underlayment

The Anatomy Of Your Roof Using Tag & Stick Roof Underlayment (Infographic)

Reading Time: 3 minutes It may come as a surprise to some, but a roof doesn’t just consist of roofing shingles or tiles. Many components are involved in making up a quality roof. Apart…

tile roof underlayment

Everything You Need To Know About Tile Roofing Underlayment

Reading Time: 3 minutes The roofing installation process is made up of various steps, one of which is the underlayment process. Tile roofing underlayment helps to maintain the integrity of your roofing structure by…

roofing materials

Tag & Stick Roof Underlayment Works With All Roofing Materials

Reading Time: 4 minutes In most cases, the roof underlayment system a roofer will go with depends on the roofing materials that are used. Whether you’re doing a roof replacement or installing a roof…

Roof Underlayment

New Year, New Roof Underlayment!

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you are looking at new projects for the new year and replacing your roof is on the list, then you will also be needing new roof underlayment. Given the…