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11th Aug
roofing project

How Roofing Underlayment Can Benefit Your Next Roofing Project

Reading Time: 2 minutes Planning a new roofing project? Before thinking about replacing the tiles, shingles, or metal roof, (roof covering) you need to consider your roofing underlayment. This is an important piece of…

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4th Aug
low slope roofing

Low-Slope Vs. Steep-Slope Roofing

Reading Time: 2 minutes When is a roof low-slope and when is it steep-slope? The magic number is less than 2:12 pitch. Any roof steeper than 2:12 is considered a steep-slope roof. If the…

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10th Jun
roofing underlayment

How Often Does Roofing Underlayment Need To Be Replaced in Florida?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Roofing underlayment is an important part of your roofing system. Acting as a water barrier, a quality underlayment will help to protect and insulate your roof for many years to…

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22nd Apr
roof underlayment

Can Wind Damage Your Roof Underlayment?

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’ve landed on this page, then you probably already know the short answer. Yes, wind can damage your roof underlayment. There is a lot of science behind the various…

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15th Apr

7 Things That Can Damage Your Roof Underlayment

Reading Time: 3 minutes Roof underlayment is an integral part of your roof’s structure. It serves as an extra layer of protection in the event that something happens to your roof. However, underlayment is…

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8th Apr

Your Guide To Common Roofing Terms

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a licensed roofing contractor, we are knowledgeable in common roofing terms. What we need to do is be able to explain these terms to homeowners in a way that…

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1st Apr
roof underlayment

Does Your Roof Need Roof Underlayment?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Your home is often your biggest asset – looking after it should be a high priority. Something you may rarely think about is your roof.  It’s easy to miss those…

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18th Mar
residential roofing, underlayment

Residential Roofing Solutions

Reading Time: 3 minutes How do you decide on residential roofing solutions? For instance, it’s important to know the different types of residential roofing underlayment. This will help you choose the best material for…

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11th Mar
roofing underlayment

A Roof’s Lifecycle Starts With Roofing Underlayment

Reading Time: 3 minutes You may have heard of the story of two builders. One built his house on the sand; another built his house on the rocks. As the story goes, when the…

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4th Mar

Roofing Solutions

Reading Time: 2 minutes A complete roofing system is more than what you see from the outside. It’s actually composed of multiple layers, one of which is the roofing underlayment. Roofing underlayment is designed…

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