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3rd Jul
roof underlayment

Tag & Stick vs. Other Roof Underlayment Products

Reading Time: 3 minutes Florida homes need tough roofs that are able to withstand hurricanes, intense heat, and sudden downpours. Top quality underlayment is a good basis for a hard-core roof that will resist…

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26th Jun
roofing products

Roofing Products The Professionals Use

Reading Time: 3 minutes Florida roofers have been using self-adhered underlayment for years and as a result, the market has steadily grown. But with the growth of the market, roofing professionals experienced various issues…

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5th Jun
Adhesive Roof Underlayment

Adhesive Roof Underlayment That Withstands Hurricane Winds

Reading Time: 3 minutes With so much of the damage caused by hurricanes being a direct result of the wind, it is imperative that homeowners understand how important it is that roofing materials all…

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15th May
Adhesive Roof Underlayment

A Quality Adhesive Roof Underlayment That Offers The Best ROI?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you trying to decide on a roofing underlayment system for a building or design project? If you want the best return on your investment in the roofing project, you…

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8th May
Adhesive Roofing Underlayment

Save On Install Time With Adhesive Roofing Underlayment Products

Reading Time: 3 minutes As with many industries, the roofing industry is evolving. Many roofing contractors are turning to new methods to save time on installation, but also to offer customers the best alternatives…

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20th Mar
Roof Underlayment

Tag & Stick Is The Easiest Roof Underlayment For Steep Roofs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Roof underlayment on steep roofs can be a challenging job. Mostly because it requires a two-step application process, which wastes time and requires extra labor and materials. Tag & Stick…

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13th Mar
Adhesive Roof Underlayment

Protect Your Roof With Tag & Stick Adhesive Roof Underlayment

Reading Time: 3 minutes Florida weather can be unpredictable at the best of times. Hurricane season presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to building a home. Severe storm weather consisting of…

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6th Mar
Quality Roofing Materials

Quality Roofing Materials That Meet Florida Requirements

Reading Time: 3 minutes During hurricane season, the Florida area is prone to hours of high wind speeds, strong gusts, changing wind directions and extensive rainfall. Building contractors must consider the internal pressure that…

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21st Feb
new roof

Now’s A Good Time To Do Your Roof!

Reading Time: 2 minutes A roof plays an essential part in our lives. It protects our property and ensures we are comfortable by creating a barrier between us and the elements. For a roof…

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27th Dec
Inspecting Roof Underlayment

The Importance Of Inspecting Roof Underlayment

Reading Time: 2 minutes For most people, purchasing a home is the single biggest investment they’ll ever make. Hours are spent researching the best location, type of house, and climate that we want to…

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