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26th Jan
tile roof underlayment

Everything You Need To Know About Tile Roofing Underlayment

Reading Time: 3 minutes The roofing installation process is made up of various steps, one of which is the underlayment process. Tile roofing underlayment helps to maintain the integrity of your roofing structure by…

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29th Dec
roofing materials

Tag & Stick Roof Underlayment Works With All Roofing Materials

Reading Time: 4 minutes In most cases, the roof underlayment system a roofer will go with depends on the roofing materials that are used. Whether you’re doing a roof replacement or installing a roof…

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23rd Dec
Roof Underlayment

New Year, New Roof Underlayment!

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you are looking at new projects for the new year and replacing your roof is on the list, then you will also be needing new roof underlayment. Given the…

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15th Dec
roofing underlayment options

Have You Considered All Your Roofing Underlayment Options?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Having a quality roof underlayment is essential for the longevity of your roof. Our roofs are exposed to harsh weather conditions, from heavy rain, strong winds during hurricane season to…

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8th Dec
adhesive roof underlayment

The Importance Of Using A Quality Adhesive Roof Underlayment

Reading Time: 3 minutes How important is the quality of your roof underlayment? As Floridians, we cannot simply take this question at face value. Of course, generally speaking, quality adhesive roof underlayment is important…

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24th Nov
Tag & Stick Adhesive Underlayment

Is Tag & Stick Adhesive Underlayment Worth It?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The roofing installation process is just that- a process! It includes a number of different steps, one of which is the underlayment system. Spread across the roof’s plywood deck, the…

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29th Oct
commercial roofing underlayment

Tag & Stick: Your Commercial Roofing Underlayment Solution

Reading Time: 2 minutes Commercial roofing projects can range in style & size, but no matter the size, quality roofing underlayment could prove extremely valuable in commercial jobs that have mansards. Commercial roofing underlayment…

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20th Oct
tag & stick

Tag & Stick For Design Professionals

Reading Time: 3 minutes Roofing underlayment helps to protect the structural integrity of any roofing system by fending off the elements. Any design professional will understand the need for quality materials and any homeowner…

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6th Oct
Self Adhered Roof Underlayments

What Is Self Adhered Roof Underlayments?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The roof is the single most important aspect of your home. It’s your home’s first defense against animals, storms, and the elements. There are three main types of underlayment; asphalt-saturated…

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25th Sep
Residential Roofing Systems

Tag & Stick For Residential Roofing Systems

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tag & Stick underlayment has proven itself as a go-to solution for commercial and industrial roofing applications. Its tough durability makes it the logical choice for jobs that need a…

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