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Monthly Archives: October 2020

commercial roofing underlayment

Tag & Stick: Your Commercial Roofing Underlayment Solution

Reading Time: 2 minutes Commercial roofing projects can range in style & size, but no matter the size, quality roofing underlayment could prove extremely valuable in commercial jobs that have mansards. Commercial roofing underlayment…

tag & stick

Tag & Stick For Design Professionals

Reading Time: 3 minutes Roofing underlayment helps to protect the structural integrity of any roofing system by fending off the elements. Any design professional will understand the need for quality materials and any homeowner…

Self Adhered Roof Underlayments

What Is Self Adhered Roof Underlayments?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The roof is the single most important aspect of your home. It’s your home’s first defense against animals, storms, and the elements. There are three main types of underlayment; asphalt-saturated…