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Advantages Of 2-Ply Roofing Underlayment Products

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There are many roofing underlayment products on the market mostly making use of very similar single-ply technology. Although these may work effectively for a while, the single layer can easily fail over time. This is where Tag & Stick comes in. Their 2-ply roofing underlayment products offer superior protection and durability. Here are the stand-out advantages of what makes Tag & Stick the obvious roofing underlayment choice.

Strong Two-Ply Application

Made of reinforced fiberglass, Tag & Stick’s revolutionary two-ply underlayment system combines a second mechanical attached layer. With self-adhering technology, the top and bottom layers are 60 and 55 mils thick respectively, and offer a combined underlayment thickness of 115 mils. This offers twice the thickness of most competing underlayment products. Tag & Stick offers twice the thickness of single-ply underlayment and offers an extremely durable water barrier for those wet Floridian summers. The durable quality of Tag & Stick underlayment means that it can easily be installed into steeper sloped roofs such as tile, shingle, metal, slate, and other roofs.

Easy And Fast Application

Tag & Stick’s 2-ply underlayment is known to install faster than other underlayment systems. The key stand-out here is that the Tag & Stick installation method doesn’t require numerous installation steps such as hot mopping, hot tar, or back nailing. It’s a one-step process whereby the first underlayment layer is mechanically attached to the deck and the second layer is immediately attached to the first sheet. The attachment forms a pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds them together strongly. The result is an effective two-ply, water-resistant barrier. This process doesn’t require a follow-up installation visit and therefore saves you on potentially pricey labor costs. Finally, Tag & Stick roofing underlayment products save us the one thing we all need more of, time.

IF Removal Ever Required

Tag & Stick’s 2-ply underlayment can be easily be removed in the event of a re-roofing project. All while protecting the roof sheathing. This is made possible because of the mechanical fastening as opposed to Direct deck adhesives where removals will compromise the condition of your sheathing.

Deeply Durable

115 mils of mechanically fastened underlayment make Tag & Stick underlayment incredibly durable. Constructed out of asphalt flux and reinforced fiberglass, Tag & Stick is not only tough and hard-wearing but can be left in the dry stage for months. All while maintaining its resistance to leaking as well as any damage caused by foot traffic. Tag & Stick also boasts complete compliance to the South Florida Building Code requirements. This includes provisos such as severe wind upliftment requirements.

Superior Roofing Underlayment Products

The Tag & Stick 2-ply underlayment system is superior in every way. From increased durability and strength to a quick and easy application and removal, Tag & Stick shines above the rest. Boasting a 25-year track record, our products can be trusted and back-up by many satisfied customers. With many available options and sizing dimensions to select from, Tag & Stick comes out as the clear roofing underlayment product specialist.

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A proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology that can be installed with any steep slope roofing products.

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