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Tag & Stick Install Manual For Low Slope Roofing

tag & stick install manual

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Installing Tag & Stick roof underlayment requires a few straightforward steps. This Tag & Stick install manual highlights each step. Just follow this manual, and you’ll have your underlayment installed in no time.

Step 1: Fire Barrier

The first step is to lay the U1-approved fire barrier. This layer acts as a fire inhibiting barrier underneath the underlayment. It doesn’t need adhesion so make sure you lay it loosely. Be sure to also layout the fire barrier smoothly and uniformly.

Step 2: Starter Strip

Next is the starter strip. These come in 18” sheets. Apply the starter sheet on top of the fire barrier. Begin by installing the starter half sheet (cut in half). This must be installed directly to the sheathing. This needs to be mechanically attached. Be sure to begin from the lowest point of the roof deck. Apply these fasteners at 12” on the center as per the diagram.

Step 3: Field Courses

Once you’ve secured the starter sheets, you can start with the field course. This needs to adhere to the secured selvage portion. This is because the roll is rolled out by pulling the release film at the same time. You will need to ensure that you maintain alignment as you roll this out. All Tag & Stick products are to be installed in straight lines. They need to be parallel to the eaves or the roof overhang.

Step 4: Edge Metal

Next, you’ll need to install the gable/rake edge metal. This needs to be a minimum of 3”x 3” and should be primed with an appropriate primer.

Step 5: Wall Flashings

Wall metal should be primed. In the case of preformed wall metal without returns, the outside edges of the wall metal shall be primed. Make sure you terminate the vertical wall flange as per local building codes. Or a self-adhered stripping ply may be used to terminate the primed vertical flange to the wall substrate. The wall metal shall be a minimum of 4” x 5” “L” flashing. Be sure to overlap all the joints and set in a bed of compatible flashing adhesive.

Step 6: Penetrations

Penetrations include plumbing Stacks, pipes, roof vents, and skylights. These should be all installed over the Tag & Stick Underlayment. Applying apply compatible adhesive under the base This will seal the unit base to the deck. Next, nail and secure all sides of the base flashing near to the edge and ensure that the base is flush to the deck.

Self-adhered stripping ply of compatible material can replace flashing cement in certain instances. The underlayment always needs to be cut to the edge of the roof opening

Step 7: Steep Slide Tie-In Details

In the event of a tie in to a steep slope, use a minimum of 8” Tag & Stick underlayment. An 18” modified self-adhered cap sheet should then be secured to transition onto the roof deck.

Step 8: Silicone Coating/Primer

The final step is to apply your silicone primer. Apply this over the surface as per manufacturer specifications. Silicone primer acts as a sealant and additional waterproofing material.

The Tag & Stick Install Manual Makes It Easy

We hope this Tag & Stick install manual is helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Tag & Stick team if you find yourself unsure at any point during the installation. Be sure to like the Tag & Stick Facebook Page to stay updated on the best installation tips.

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