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A Quality Adhesive Roof Underlayment That Offers The Best ROI?

Adhesive Roof Underlayment

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Are you trying to decide on a roofing underlayment system for a building or design project? If you want the best return on your investment in the roofing project, you need to install a superior product. There are many qualities of Tag & Stick adhesive roof underlayment that make it the most valuable option. For roofing contractors looking to make changes that work in their favor this year, this is the way to go.

What makes an underlayment product superior? In roofing or any area of construction, superiority would be defined not only by quality but also by resources needed, risk profile, and by how much it improves your job without compromising any assurances you can give your client.

Here’s a run-through of the top reasons to make use of Tag & Stick underlayment in all your sloped roof contracting jobs.

Tag & Stick Meets Building Codes

First, a product cannot be superior if it doesn’t meet the building codes of your area. For the reassurance it offers, Tag & Stick is the only underlayment product of its kind to meet Dade County’s high standards on wind upliftment.  Tag & Stick can be used on any sloped roof 2:12 pitch and above, with any roof coverings.

For local businesses, we don’t need to stress the importance of meeting this uplift standard. Even outside of building code, this is a surety that you need to be able to offer your clients.

As far as single application 2-ply self-adhering modified underlayment goes, Tag & Stick really meets all the specs you’d like it to, and then some:

  • 115 Ml
  • Meets Uplift Requirements
  • Reinforced fiberglass mat soaked with modified asphalt
  • Self-sealing

Benefits for The Homeowner

It’s not unusual in construction to meet with delays. Our product gives you a unique selling proposition for customers in that our underlayment system can be exposed 180 days. Other products can offer half that time.

Should a homeowner be building slowly or hit any snags in the process, Tag & Stick will last while they source their roofing material. And because it can be used for any sloped roof material choice, they can go ahead with underlayment in the meantime. This is a great help when building in stages.

IF the time comes for reroofing, Contractors and Homeowners will appreciate the fact that Tag & Stick is easily removed.  This is also a resource-saving quality for roofing contractors.

Resource Saving Offers The Best Return

As contractors, the best situation is one where you can leverage resources and earn more profit. But nobody wants to do this at the risk of a poorer quality job. With our product guaranteed to meet industry standards, can we still save you money?

Consider that our product can be applied within a day or less and that it is a 2-ply single coat application. That saves money on trips out on site. Because of the nature of Tag & Stick underlayment, there is no tar or wet mops and other equipment involved. Your resources, from people power to equipment, will be freed up for other jobs.

Risk Profile Impact

The cover you need to protect your employees on a job is one thing. But what about the actual risk profile of a job? Sending contractors out to do an underlayment job that has them spending less time at risky heights and handling less dangerous materials like hot asphalt is a win.

Unique Underlayment Application

The mechanically attached base sheet is fastened directly to the deck. This application in other products does not meet wind upliftment standards. This makes Tag & Stick modified underlayment a revolutionary all in one product with an easy application. This product turns a tedious job with many challenges into a safe and standard proof simple alternative.

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A proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology that can be installed with any steep slope roofing products.

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