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Adhesive Roof Underlayment That Withstands Hurricane Winds

Adhesive Roof Underlayment

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With so much of the damage caused by hurricanes being a direct result of the wind, it is imperative that homeowners understand how important it is that roofing materials all meet wind uplift standards. It is also imperative they understand that in the event a hurricane wind rips the roof covering off (the tiles, metal, shingles) the underlayment has an enormous job to do in protecting the home. It stands between the interior of the home and further damage.

Adhesive roof underlayment is a newer option which allows for easier installation. However, this can not come at the cost of quality – especially with wind uplift standards and regulations. The most valuable resource we can put forward is one that expresses exactly how our product meets–and exceeds–the regulations on any hurricane wind related risk. In order to do that, we need to answer some questions.

How Does Wind Affect Weak Points & Are Any Of These Weak Points Aided By Tag & Stick?

Hurricane winds can wreak havoc. Water being blown in from a hurricane is less likely with a fully adhering, treated fiberglass two-ply underlayment. It’s simply more durable and less prone to faults that are common with more traditional underlayment systems.

Flying debris is also common during a hurricane, which means impact resistance is important. Because Tag & Stick is not made of natural fibers, it’s not subject to moisture and swelling which are common causes of weak points. So, even if the underlayment is exposed, it stands a much better chance against the elements.

Tag & Stick can also be exposed for 180 days which gives homeowners time to replace any blown off tiles.

How Is Wind Damage Handled By Insurance & Can Tag & Stick Lessen Any Risks Here?

Generally, insurance companies want to know that homeowners have done their due diligence when it comes to their roof.

Average winds speeds are determined for different zoned areas and then roofing guidelines have to be followed depending on the zone that a home falls into. Tag & Stick meets Florida’s most stringent wind upliftment standards and can be used under any roof coverings.

Our product can mitigate these risks.

How Is Tag & Stick Going To Reduce The Number Of Headaches Caused By Hurricane Wind Damage?

Between maintaining, servicing, repairing, prepping for, and recovering from hurricane season wind damage, it can be a rough place for the roofing industry as callouts increase and demand for resources grow. Any product that has well-rounded benefits, designed in response to regulations for Florida’s unique needs is an excellent go-to product. There are a number of ways that Tag & Stick’s adhesive roof underlayment can add value in hurricane heavy environments.

Preventing Damage To The Whole Roof Structure

Wind speed will affect how much power there is to lift your roof. In which case, your roof underlayment needs to be strong enough to not be ripped off by upward drafts.

We’ve all seen roofs that were ripped away and the underlayment pulls off part of the sheathing, leaving only the decking. Our fully adhering two-ply underlayment is a benefit here as it meets the rigid regulations of wind uplift requirements in Florida and can aid in preventing a lot of damage. Not only that, Tag & Stick is the only product of its nature to meet these requirements!

Exposed Areas & Related Risks

If roof tiles are blown off or part of the roof lifts, then the underlayment really is the last line of defense. Tag & Stick is more robust in keeping out moisture if this happens. Keep in mind that it can be exposed for months without covering so this is also helpful in reducing emergency needs post-wind damage.

Tag & Stick In The Roofing Industry

Let’s discuss how to revolutionize your approach to roofing for hurricane wind damage prevention. Call us s at 954-255-3107 to see how Tag & Stick can work on your roof.

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