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Tag & Stick: Your Commercial Roofing Underlayment Solution

commercial roofing underlayment

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Commercial roofing projects can range in style & size, but no matter the size, quality roofing underlayment could prove extremely valuable in commercial jobs that have mansards. Commercial roofing underlayment requires high-quality systems and application methods. Considering that commercial roofing affects more than just a handful of people and is seen as a major investment, there are many advantages to using products like Tag & Stick as your chosen material.

What Is Tag & Stick?

Tag & Stick makes use of a two-ply underlayment system that has shown to be more durable than regular roofing systems. With proven mechanical attachment, this self-adhering technology has changed the way roofers carry out their residential and commercial jobs. This innovative mechanically fastening combined with self-adhered design allows a single step application for a 2-ply underlayment.  On mansards you will only have to send your crews onto the roof once. A game changer for steep applications. You’re able to save on labor costs and time, and so your customers benefit too. Taking into consideration that South Florida Building Code requirements, offering maximum uplift.

Tag & Stick can be installed on an existing roof or a new roof and when it comes time for necessary roof repairs, the surface of the roof is not damaged. The underlayment acts as a secondary water barrier to which aids in preventing water damage deep within the integrity of your roof. This can have a hugely beneficial effect during heavy rains and strong winds during hurricane season.

Advantages Of Using Tag & Stick For Commercial Roofing

Commercial projects require a lot of precision and time to ensure that businesses meet the necessary requirements for operation. Whether it be a grocery store, factory building, or office park you will need to ensure that you’ve offered your client the highest protection. Tag & Stick is your solution.

The beauty of this underlayment solution is that it simplifies an essential element of an integrous roof. The design of the product ensures optimal protection and installation efficiency. The quality of your roof is never compromised, but rather further enhanced.

The faster installation means that you can get back to business without extended project times. This is due to the two-ply installation method. An initial Tag & Stick layer sheet is attached mechanically, along with another layer thereafter. The two layers bond together through the pressure-sensitive adhesive and there is no need for further applications.

If it comes to re-roofing, maintenance, and repairs, Tag & Stick can be removed without damaging the decking.

Tag & Stick is made through a combination of asphalt flux and reinforced fiberglass which makes it durable and tough. Considering the regular maintenance of a commercial building in the South Florida area should undergo, Tag & Stick is resistant to foot traffic during the dry stage which allows for any necessary roof repairs to take place without causing any damage.

Where Can I Purchase Tag & Stick Roofing?

Tag & Stick has proven to be an ideal roof underlayment system for commercial buildings of any kind. Because Tag & Stick is the only underlayment solution that meets all the requirements on the South Florida Building Code list, you save time and money on labor costs as well as affected business operational costs. You know that your roof and your business are sufficiently protected against harsh weather conditions, water leaks and damage, mold, and mildew. You avoid failed inspections, constant repairs, and business interruption with quality, durable roofing underlayment solutions like Tag & Stick. For more information on this product, call us today at 954-255-3107.

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A proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology that can be installed with any steep slope roofing products.

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