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Tag & Stick For Design Professionals

tag & stick

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Roofing underlayment helps to protect the structural integrity of any roofing system by fending off the elements. Any design professional will understand the need for quality materials and any homeowner should understand why Tag & Stick is the best option for that. Tag & Stick is a two-ply secondary water barrier underlayment system that lasts longer than most. It is made by laminating two layers of like and kind materials and is applied using both mechanical attachment and self-adhering technology. Here are some reasons why you should ask your roofing company to use Tag & Stick.

What Is Roofing Underlayment?

Roofing underlayment cannot be seen once your roof is complete, but this doesn’t take away from the importance of the role it plays in the roofing system. The underlayment of a roof is found between your tiles or shingles and plywood deck.

Why Do I Need It?

Your tiles or shingles are your roof’s first line of defense, reflecting sun rays, withstanding wind, and blocking the rain. Unfortunately, these materials overlap, creating space for strong winds to lift it up and expose your roofing system to the elements. If you had Tag & Stick roofing underlayment this wouldn’t be as devastating, as it protects the wooden structure of your roof from rain and moisture. Its materials cover the plywood, adding an extra layer of protection that cannot be done by tiles or shingles alone.

Not only does it prevent the development of mold and leaks, but it also protects the plywood from the harsh South Florida sun. The intense heat could cause shingle chemicals to melt into the wood if the underlayment is not present. Tag & Stick roofing underlayment provides all the protection that your roofing system needs during and after installation.

Advantages Of Tag & Stick

Besides the obvious benefit of protection, there are a number of advantages to choosing Tag & Stick as your product of choice, some of which are:

Eliminating Extra Steps

Tag & Stick is becoming increasingly popular among the roofing industry because it can be applied in just one step! It removes the tediousness of back nailing, also known as blind-nailing, and the dangerousness of hot mopping. Being both dangerous and messy, hot mopping requires more labor, higher insurance costs, and repeated company visits. By removing these steps, it makes applying roofing underlayment more efficient.

Easy Removal

While not a regular occurrence, there will come a time where your home’s roof will need to be replaced. When replacing a roof, the process of removing the underlayment usually has devastating effects on its sheathing. This means that the sheathing will need to be replaced, along with the rest of your roof, again increasing costs. But fear not because Tag & Stick’s material is self-adhesive and can be removed without damaging the sheathing underneath!

Saving Time & Money

By creating a product that underlayment process in one step saves you on more than one level! A one-step process means that is completed faster, requiring payment for fewer labor hours and visits to your home. This saves you in money and time that would be spent stressing about the condition of your roof and when it will be restored.

Why You Should Use Tag & Stick

Tag & Stick is the ultimate solution for any sloped roof, protecting your roof from strong winds and torrential downpours. It saves you time and money while ensuring the safety of your home and family. If you’re in the process of replacing your roof, ask your contractor about Tag & Stick or call us for more information—we’d love to hear from you!

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A proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology that can be installed with any steep slope roofing products.

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