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Why Licensed Roofing Contractors Use Tag & Stick

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With hurricane season upon us, now is the time to make the right choice when choosing your roofing underlayment. For licensed roofing contractors, finding the right residential roofing underlayment is the difference between a good solid roof versus a mediocre one.

There are many steps involved in roofing for a residential property. Underlayment is one of those steps. While it isn’t visible, roofing contractors know that it is an essential part of the process. Utilizing a product like Tag & Stick helps take the load off your shoulders. It ensures that the structure of the home remains unaffected by moisture or water.

What Is Tag & Stick?

Tag & Stick is an inorganic modified underlayment that aids in protecting your roof from the elements. It is a one-step, two-ply, self-adhered underlayment that has a thickness of up to 115mils for added protection. Due to its reinforced fiberglass matt that’s soaked with modified asphalt, it’s also durable. This allows it to remain water-resistant and dry for several months without coverage.

Why Do Licensed Roofing Contractors Prefer Tag & Stick?

There are a variety of underlayment options available on the market. Tag & Stick sets itself apart due to its easy application, versatility, and increased safety.

Quick Application

The best part about using a one-step underlayment is that you aren’t wasting resources when handling roofing work. It saves you money as well as time, and also removes the need for follow-up visits to the site, extra staffing, and excess materials. This makes Tag & Stick a firm favorite for experienced roofing contractors.


Tag & Stick is one of the more versatile underlayment options on the market. It can be applied to almost any roofing, irrespective of the slope (or lack thereof). It also utilizes mechanical fastening, which helps during repairs or replacements. The mechanically fastened underlayment can be removed without damaging the structure of the roof. It is also the only self-adhered underlayment that is fastened directly to a deck that meets South Florida wind uplift codes.


Nothing’s worse than having one of your team hurt while on the job. By using a one-step underlayment, you’re reducing the amount of time your team must spend on the roof. You’re also removing your contracting crew from hazardous exposure to potential burns, toxic fumes, and other harmful chemicals during installation.


Aside from being durable due to its reinforced fiberglass matt, it can also be left exposed to the elements for up to 6 months without being compromised. You may want to have the roof done as soon as possible, but there can be delays in the work due to unforeseen circumstances. This way, you won’t need to worry about having to redo the work at a later stage due to it being compromised.

The Choice Licensed Roofing Contractors Make

There’s a reason why Tag & Stick is the go-to underlayment for many experienced roofing contractors. It’s never acceptable to take shortcuts while on the job. Tag & Stick has instead simplified the process by creating a faster and more cost-effective way to handle the installation of new or replacement roofing. It is also one of the only self-adhered modified underlayment that passes all the South Florida building code requirements! With over 25 years in the roofing industry, Tag & Stick is an exceptional roofing underlayment.

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