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Why Is Tag & Stick The Best Underlayment For Shingles?

best underlayment for shingles

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Roof shingles are a very popular and cost-effective roofing solution. What helps roof shingles to weather the storm and stick it for the long-run is a quality underlayment system; one which is not only quick to install but also binds strongly onto your roof deck and your shingles. Here’s why Tag & Stick Underlayment is the best underlayment for shingles.

It’s Quick to Apply

Shingle roofing is relatively quick to install. Little prep work is required. Even better, you don’t need specialized tools. Shingles are easily applied in the required pattern relatively quickly once the installation has begun. Tag & Stick Underlayment complements this well with its single-step, two-ply installation system. This means the underlayment can be installed in one phase. Additionally, there’s no need for hot mopping and additional labor. If you’re looking for a high-quality quick roof installation, Tag & Stick is the best option.

Affordability At Its Best

Shingle roofs are an affordable roofing option. They cost less than other tile or metal roofing counterparts. Their affordability does mean that they may not be as durable as tile roofs, which is why a high-quality underlayment system is so important when installing shingles. Tag & Stick relies on a quick installation process which will save you the need for additional materials and extra labor costs. With a solid underlayment system, you’ll be able to enjoy a lifespan of anywhere between 15-30 years on your shingle roof.

Easy Repairs

Your shingle roof may require the occasional repair job. The good news is that most of these repairs are minor. They will only require a few shingles to be replaced. This not only makes it an easy process but also an affordable one. When repairing a damaged shingle, it’s important that your underlayment system is waterproof in order to guard against any water leaks. This is where Tag & Stick Underpayment shines above the rest: its waterproof capabilities mean that it can be exposed for up to 180 days in South Florida’s sunny, wet climate.

Durable Underlayment For Shingles

A key benefit of Tag & Stick? The first sheet is mechanically attached. This application is very durable, and the pressure-sensitive adhesive ensures that a strong bond is formed between the first and second layer. This hard-wearing layer is a perfect foundation for a shingle roof, and will prolong your roof well into the future. When installed on a high-quality underlayment, shingles will reach their maximum durability. It is also resistant to foot traffic while exposed. This gives you the ultimate durability in the places that matter.

The Best Underlayment For Shingles

Tag & Stick Underlayment is the best option for your shingle roof installation. Not only is it quick to apply, durable, and hard-wearing, but it is the only underlayment system that meets all of the South Florida Building Code requirements. This includes various severe wind upliftment code requirements, which makes it perfect for the notorious hurricane season in South Florida. Whether you’re a roof, a home-owner, or a design professional, give us a call today at (954) 444-4843 to learn more about the best underlayment for shingles in South Florida.

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