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Why A High Quality Roof Underlayment Is Important

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The roof of your home or business is arguably one of the most important structures of the building. It’s what protects all your possessions, not to mention the people inside, during Florida’s signature harsh rain storms. That means the roofing materials used are extremely important. One of them is roof underlayment: the substance that makes a difference between expensive leaks and complete protection.

Read on to learn more about what makes roof underlayment by Tag & Stick so important for your home or commercial business.

The Durability Lasts For Years

A roof needs to be able to last a long time. While they are replaceable, the process can be expensive, time-consuming, and just plain inconvenient. That’s why you’ll want to make sure it’s installed correctly and built to last the first time. Did you know that Tag & Stick offers the only roof underlayment that perfectly meets the building code requirements in the state of Florida? Not even hurricane winds and downpours can compete with our product!

It’s Easy To Remove

No matter how durable the roof underlayment is, as the building ages, roof replacement will be inevitable someday. Or maybe you just want to upgrade the style of your rooftop as part of a series of home renovation projects. Whatever the reason, a good underlayment isn’t just durable but easily removable when it needs to be. No worries about peeling asphalt off the roof deck: keep your sheathing in one piece with Tag & Stick.

Your Home Gets Double The Layers Of Protection

No one ever said too much protection is a bad thing. Tag & Stick offers just that with a two-ply system made from reinforced fiberglass: nearly double the thickness of similar materials from competitors! That means an extra layer of peace and mind during hurricane season, which is something you can’t put a price on.

It’s Safe For Workers And The Environment

Some roof attachment methods are dangerous, risking the safety of the roofers. Not to mention all the chemicals that get released during the process. This is your home or place of business: it should be safe from these risks! Fortunately, Tag & Stick does not require the traditional hot mopping method. You’ll have no need to worry about toxic exposure when repairing or replacing your roof.

The Installation Time Is Fast

Repairing or replacing a roof can be quite an inconvenience. It’s loud, it can be messy, and therefore hard to concentrate on work or keep the baby asleep. The faster the process is completed, the sooner you can resume your normal schedule, which also saves you money. Tag & Stick roof underlayment can be applied in just a single step. The first sheet is mechanically installed on the roof deck, while the second layer attaches to the first one with an adhesive. That means only one visit from roofers is needed.

Quality Roof Underlayment You Can Trust In South Florida

The makers of Tag & Stick operate by a simple principle: quality roofing materials should be safe, easy to install, and made to last. We’ve found that solution and offered it to the residents of South Florida for over 25 years, and are proud to be a trusted name in commercial underlayment.

Have questions or concerns about the durability of your roof materials? Call Tag & Stick today at 954-255-3107.

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