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What Makes Tag & Stick Underlayment Better Than Peel and Stick?

tag & stick underlayment

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Tag & Stick underlayment is a revolutionary roofing underlayment system that is taking the industry by storm. After years of experience in the roofing game, there was a need to improve roofing underlayment for homeowners and roofers alike. Tag & Stick offers benefits that are like no other on the market.

Peel and Stick Underlayment

Peel and stick underlayment is an alternative roofing underlayment system that is self-adhesive. It consists of a fiberglass sheet that is saturated in a blend of rubberized polymers and asphalt, known as SBS modified asphalt. This makes the system more durable because it is less prone to tearing and is more elastic compared to the common roofing felt.

When the need to remove the peel and stick products applied direct to the deck, the sheathing tends to come off from the decking material, which impacts the structural integrity of the roof. This was a problem that needed to be addressed while still harnessing the benefits of self-adhering technology.

Tag & Stick Underlayment

With the rise in popularity of self-adhering products, Tag & Stick wanted to find a way to incorporate all the benefits of this product as the new star in the industry, but there were still a few problems that needed addressing. While peel and stick is an underlayment system that still stuck really well to the decking, it did not sufficiently prevent moisture from getting in and causing damage. This is where Tag & Stick developed a product to rival the industry standard for roofing underlayment.

How Does Tag & Stick Underlayment Work?

Like peel and stick underlayment, Tag & Stick acts as a secondary water barrier yet is two-ply, preventing moisture from getting into your roofing system. Furthermore, if Tag & Stick needs to be removed, there is no delamination or damage to the decking material.

Adding to the benefits of easy removal, Tag & Stick has a one-step application process, unlike other underlayment systems which consist of multiple layers. This is achieved by using a mechanical attachment along with self-adhering technology. This has proven to save time and money.

Tag & Stick is also incredibly durable and has excellent uplift ratings, which is essential in areas where strong winds can wreak havoc. The durability is due to the combination of asphalt flux and reinforced fiber glass. It can be applied to any degree of sloped roofing and offers versatility across various roofing systems such as clay, tiles, shingles, and metal.

Tag & Stick Underlayment: Only the Best For Your Roof

If you’re looking for a quality alternative to peel and stick underlayment, Tag & Stick is your solution. With durability, versatility, and offering shortened project times, this is the time to invest in Tag & Stick underlayment. Do you have more questions about our roof underlayment systems? Contact us at (954) 444-4843 to find out more about Tag & Stick products, today.

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