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What Are The Advantages Of Self-Adhered Roof Underlayment?

self-adhered roof underlayment

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The roof plays a critical role in protecting your home and its contents from the elements. When one considers the various structures that make up a roof, one of the often-overlooked components of a durable, long-lasting roofing structure, is the underlayment.

With all the advancements in roofing technology, traditional roofing underlayment, using nails and staples, or hot-mopping systems are rapidly being replaced by self-adhered roof underlayments.

In this article, we are going to discuss why roof underlayment is an essential component of all roof structures in Florida and why self-adhered underlayment is proving to be a far superior alternative to the traditional version.

Why South Florida Roofs Need An Underlayment

A roof underlayment’s main function is to provide the primary layer of protection between the roofing frame and tiles/shingles. This underlayment improves the lifespan and durability of the roofing structure and improves your quality of living. Here are some reasons why:

  • Improves curb appeal. By creating a uniform surface for shingle installation, the shingles will lay flat. A clean aesthetic roof improves your property’s overall curb value.
  • Safety. For shingles to meet the requirements of the Florida Building Code, the roof must have an industry-standard, code-approved underlayment.
  • Weather protection. While shingles or tiles are the first line of defense against the elements, the underlayment actually acts as the key layer that protects the roofing structure against Florida’s strong winds and torrential rains.
  • Energy efficiency. If shingles crack, deteriorate, or break over time, the underlayment acts as the layer of insulation that prevents hot air from entering and cool air from leaving your home.
  • Prolonging the roof’s lifespan – by protecting the roof structures from the elements, the underlayment prolongs the roof’s lifespan. Offering superior vapor permeability, an underlayment allows moisture to escape from the roofing system while preventing water from penetrating the roof structure. This ensures that the roof will remain dry and free from damaging rot and mold.
  • Reduces noise levels. Being an added layer between the tiles/shingles and the ceiling, the underlayment has the added benefit of acting as a noise barrier.

Compelling Reasons Why Self-Adhered Roof Underlayment Is The Preferred Choice

Underlayment has been traditionally installed using nails, staples, or hot-asphalt leaving the roof potentially vulnerable to the elements. With advancements in roofing technology, self-adhered underlayment have emerged as a far superior alternative for the following reasons:

  • Ease of installation and worker safety
  • They are a superior moisture barrier
  • They are more environmentally friendly
  • They adhere to the Florida Building Code specifications

Installation And Worker Safety

One of the most significant advantages of self-adhered roof underlayment is its ease of installation. No priming is required, and unlike traditional underlayment that require nails or staples, self-adhered roof underlayment come with a self-adhesive backing that simplifies the application process.

Being so easy to apply, self-adhered underlayment requires minimal labor, no matter what shape the roof is. The convenience of this system also eliminates the need for specialized tools, equipment, hot tar, and torches. thereby reducing the risk of installation errors and work-related accidents and injuries.

Less heavy than traditional underlayment, self-adhesive is easier to carry and maneuver. It also has a non-skid top layer, enabling the workers to walk on it with minimal risk of slipping. The light gray color reflects the heat of the sun, minimizing the worker’s chance of heat exhaustion during installation.

Superior Moisture Barrier

The primary function of roof underlayment is moisture protection. Thanks to the advanced waterproofing properties, self-adhering underlayment excels in this regard.

Unlike traditional underlayment that require nails, staples, or hot asphalt, self-adhered underlayment attaches to the decking, eliminating nail holes where water can infiltrate. Traditional underlayment also requires the edges and seams to be sealed with adhesive tape, creating another potential weakness in the system where water can infiltrate.

Being self-adhesive, the underlayment is also flexible. This feature makes it much easier to install around ridges, valleys, and hips without wrinkles or curls (where water would usually pool).

Environmentally Friendly

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and aware of their carbon footprint. Roofing contractors are opting for self-adhered underlayment as opposed to the traditional variations. Some compelling reasons for doing so include:

Reduced Wastage

Self-adhered underlayment typically comes in rolls or sheets. This enables it to be cut precisely to fit the dimensions of the roof. Being able to accurately size the underlayment before application minimizes wastage and reduces the amount of excess material that needs to be discarded.

Minimal Chemical Emissions

The production and application of self-adhered underlayment typically involve fewer harmful chemicals and emissions that damage the environment. Other roofing underlayment may release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during manufacturing and often require the use of toxic chemicals for their application.

Another environmental advantage of self-adhered underlayment is:

  • Fewer tools are needed for its application. This directly translates to fewer tools that require cleaning with toxic chemicals afterward.
  • The work environment is less messy, resulting in minimal impact on the surrounding ecology and environment.

Energy Efficiency

Being thicker than traditional underlayment, self-adhered underlayment significantly contributes to energy conservation by adding more insulation. This will keep the building or home cooler and reduce the need for the HVAC to work 24/7. Its reflective material also reflects Florida’s hot sun, which contributes to a cooler indoor environment.

Recycling Potential

Some self-adhered underlayment materials can be recycled at the end of their lifespan. This further reduces their environmental impact.

Adherence To Florida Building Code Specifications

The Florida Building Code’s specifications for roofing underlayment typically focus on the underlayments:

  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Adherence to local environmental conditions.

Here are some ways in which self-adhering underlayment adheres to the building code:

  • It is weather-resistant, specifically designed for Florida’s hot humid days and occasional tropical storms.
  • It is UV resistant. It protects the roofing materials from prolonged UV radiation and maintains the integrity of the roof.
  • Manufacturers typically provide documentation and compliance certifications for their products, making it easier for contractors and builders to select underlayment that meet local code specifications.

Tag & Stick, The Quality Self-Adhered Roof Underlayment For Your Florida Roof

The roof underlayment plays a pivotal role in the preservation of the roofing structure. Tag & Stick is considered a superior quality roof underlayment and South Florida’s underlayment of choice for the following reasons:

  • It has two Modified Plies – One-Step Application
  • Installs faster than current two-ply systems, so fewer trips per job and less manpower are needed
  • No priming of the deck is required
  • It is easily removable without damaging the roofing structures
  • No hot tar or torches are needed for installation, less chance of accidents and injury
  • Two layers 115 mls total – thicker than most of its competitors
  • Works with battens and all existing flashings

If you are looking for a superior quality, self-adhered, long-lasting, and easy-to-install roof underlayment, look no further. Call us at 954-255-3107 today.

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