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Underlayment Roofing Products That Last

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A vital part of any good roof is the underlayment, which counts double when you factor in Florida’s weather. With storm winds and the occasional hurricane that threaten Florida’s coastal region, making sure you use an underlayment roofing product that not only meets Florida’s roofing requirement but has a lifetime far longer than any other product available is crucial.

The Tag & Stick Solution

Our revolutionary two-ply self-adhered underlayment solution offers several benefits, the most impressive being that on average our underlayment lasts almost twice as long as tar mopping. While offering a longer lasting solution, when tested, our underlayment was shown to surpass the codified 30/90 hot mop when it came to uplift requirements.

We will admit that our underlayment does take slightly longer to completely dry, but the product makes up for this by not needing any follow up treatments once it has dried. This means that there are zero delays in laying the product once installation begins until it is fully dry. Once fully dry, the underlayment can survive all weather conditions without the top layer of the roof being present and can do so for up to 180 days, so you won’t be caught out should any sudden storms arise.

Why Tag & Stick Lasts Longer

We are often asked how it is possible that our underlayment is both quicker to install and longer lasting than traditional underlayment solutions. Unlike synthetic underlayment and felt underlayment that require the use of fasteners such as staples, roof nails, or wind strips to adhere the underlayment to the decking, Tag & Stick underlayment is self-adhering. This means that the bottom face of the underlayment is lined with adhesive. This adhesive is protected by a membrane that should only be removed when doing final installation.

Since the adhesive covers the entire bottom face of the underlayment, it means that every square inch of the underlayment is stuck to the decking leaving no gaps or loose edges for water and wind to get under the underlayment. With synthetic or felt underlayment, the only sections of the underlayment that is stuck to the decking is where the fasteners are, leaving large areas for wind to get under and damage the roof.

And unlike the “hot mop” process, our self-adhering underlayment does not require any primer or base sheet and can be fastened directly to the roof decking which saves time in the long run. Since there are no kettles and hot mops used, there are no noxious fumes being released, which means people can safely remain on the premises while roofing is occurring, which makes Tag & Stick ideal for re-roofing of homes and business.

Where Can I Buy Tag & Stick Roofing Products?

Should you be interested in using Tag & stick products for your re-roofing needs, or simply would like more information on any of our products and installation, feels free to contact us at 954-225-3107. When it comes to underlayment, think Tag & stick, the One Step – two-ply modified application underlayment.

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