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Things To Consider When Getting A New Roof

Things To Consider When Getting A New Roof

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The roof over your head is arguably is the most important parts of your home, it protects you and your loved ones from the elements. But roofs don’t last forever, and at some point, you will have to consider getting a new roof.

Roofs can be suddenly and unexpectedly damaged by accidents or inclement weather, as well as becoming unstable from old age. Whether it’s the weather or just general wear and tear that forces you to replace it, Tag & Stick has you (and your roof) covered. Here’s what you should consider before getting a new roof.

Get A Good Roofer

Roofs are definitely not weekend DIY projects, and can’t be repaired or replaced by a friend. Licensed roofing companies exist to ensure that when you need a new roof, you won’t have to worry about installation or weather protection.

Roofers are also required to acquire necessary permits and legal documentation. So, it is recommended that you ask to see if the roofing company you plan on hiring is licensed. You want your roof to last more than 20 years and hiring an inexperienced roofing contractor will decrease its lifespan.

Roofers can also cause mechanical damage to the structure of your home if they aren’t careful. Walking around on a roof requires skill and finesse that not everyone has, so hiring a skilled roofing company will ensure that you only have to pay for a new roof and not damaged property.

Use Approved, Quality Materials

Roofs are built to last, which is why many homeowners don’t have to think about it until something goes wrong. But a new roof will only be as strong as its materials, and will only last for years to come if it’s built with decent materials.

The material used to build your roof is often location specific. In warmer climates, such as South Florida, homeowners tend to favor cool roofs that prevent homes from overheating. Most often, these include terracotta concrete tiles, ceramic roofs, slab roofs or even green/ living roofs. In Florida, most people opt for concrete, shingle, or clay roofing.

Consider An Adhesive Underlayment

A roof underlayment is a secondary barrier between you and the elements. Underlayments are placed on top of roof sheathing and underneath your tile or other roofing material, and act as a preventative barrier against rain and storms.

Unlike other underlayment materials, Tag & Stick uses self-adhering technology laminated onto a mechanical attached base sheet. This allows Tag & Stick to be easily removed if you need to reroof in the future without damaging the roof deck.

The 2-ply adhesive underlayment system product also employs mechanical attachment technology, allowing for a mechanical attachment of the base layer. The second layer is then self-adhered to the base layer, creating a two-ply underlayment for added water protection.

With weather patterns are unpredictable, installing an adhesive underlayment is highly recommended, particularly in areas that experience rainfall and moisture. Tag & Stick can be applied to any sloped roof, covered in tile, shingles, metal, shakes, slate, or any other sloped roofing product that requires an underlayment.

If you would like any more information on Tag & Stick, or what to consider before getting a new roof, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve got you covered.

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