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The Role Of Roof Underlayment In Ensuring Energy Efficiency

roof underlayment

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More and more people are concerned about their carbon footprint these days: the impact that their lifestyle habits are having on the environment. However, many sustainable replacements for everyday products, such as electric vehicles, are not financially feasible for the average household. As a homeowner, you may be wondering what changes you can make to your home that will reduce your carbon footprint without breaking the bank.

One solution is right above your head…literally. Roof underlayment from Tag & Stick is one solution for reducing the high cost of energy bills. Read on to learn more about how this roofing product will help you reduce both your carbon footprint and utility bills each month.

The Rising Cost Of Energy Bills

Energy Bills

Everything increases in price over time, and energy bills are no exception. Energy bills in residential homes increased by 13% from 2021 to 2022: the steepest increase in over two decades. No wonder more people are looking for more sustainable lifestyle practices.

In Florida, where it feels like summer time year-round, air conditioning is simply a given. It’s not something most people are willing to compromise, despite the adverse effects on the environment. So, what can Floridians do?

There are lots of energy-efficient appliances on the market, but one solution is not as well known: the quality of your roof underlayment. The roof is not typically considered when people wonder how they can stay cool at home, but it has a surprising impact on the comfort level inside your home – before you touch the thermostat.

How Does Roof Underlayment Affect Your Energy Bill?

roof underlayment electricity bill

Your roof does a lot to impact the temperature inside the home:

Roofing materials that are cheap in quality can result in throwing away money on utility bills over time. Choose a product that works to insulate and prevent fluctuation in temperature.

It Helps Reduce Humidity

Part of what makes Florida heat so cumbersome is the high humidity that comes with it. This can be felt inside the home when water leaks through the ceiling. This can happen if your roof is not insulated properly. When humidity is trapped in the home, the temperature will surely increase: once again causing your AC unit to work harder than it has to.

It Increases Ventilation

Increased air flow is very helpful in keeping you cool and comfortable. Underlayment material that isn’t breathable prevents this, keeping hot air trapped in your attic. That build-up of hot air is the last thing you need during the hottest days of summer.

Tag & Stick offers breathable underlayment, allowing hot air to escape more easily. This has the effect of increased ventilation throughout the home, giving your AC unit a break.

Roof Underlayment Offers Additional Protection

Your most valuable possessions are kept inside the home. The roof is what keeps them safe and dry. Using better quality materials ensures that it will last for years to come: up to 30 years, if maintained properly. The money you save from energy bills will allow you to take care of your roof, whether you want to upgrade the style of shingles or make repairs to keep it strong.

Additional Benefits Of Tag & Stick Roofing Underlayment

roof underlayment

Just in case you’re not yet convinced, here are some additional benefits of using Tag & Stick underlayment for your roof:

It’s More Effective At Sealing Out Moisture

You’ve learned that Tag & Stick underlayment keeps unwanted moisture out of the home. But did you know that it does a better job of this than other roofing materials? It’s true: other forms of underlayment require staples, nails, or asphalt to install, which leaves the potential for moisture to get through the tiny cracks or bubbles left behind.

Tag & Stick is self-adhering, without requiring any adhesive tape that lets water seep through. It’s far easier to install around valleys and ridges on the rooftop, without curling or wrinkling. Those are common ways that water can pool on the rooftop, eventually making its way into your home.

It Has Reduced Chemical Emissions

Rooftops were typically constructed in ways that released harmful chemicals into the environment. The more we understand about the damage these materials cause, the less inclined homeowners are to use them. But Tag & Stick’s products are created with fewer tools required for application, requiring fewer cleaning materials after installation. The work environment overall is less messy, with a much smaller impact on surrounding ecology in the area.

It Has Increased Recycling Potential

Roofing materials weren’t always able to be recycled. Tag & Stick is creating roofing products that can be reused at the end of their lifespan, reducing the amount of toxic waste in landfills.

Tag & Stick Roof Underlayment Is The Most Sustainable Choice

roof underlayment

Rooftops are one of the most important features of a home. It’s the strongest defense against strong winds and debris but also helps moderate the climate inside. Sustainably made and energy efficient, Tag & Stick is the go-to solution for roofers in South Florida. From being cost-effective to simple to install, it can also be used on even the steepest roof pitch.

If you’re looking to both strengthen your roof and reduce the cost of energy bills, look no further than Tag & Stick roof underlayment. Call us today at 954-255-3107 to learn more.

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