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The Importance Of Tag And Stick For Residential Roofing

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The importance of a high-quality roofing underlayment system can’t be overstated. Since underlayment protects the roof decking from water, it’s the last line of defense for your roof.

For contractors and homeowners, Tag & Stick is the best code-approved underlayment for residential roofing. Tag & Stick’s unique one-step, 2-ply, modified application makes it the ideal candidate for your current and future roof replacement projects.

Problems With Regular Roof Underlayment Products

With over 25 years in the roofing industry, our company saw the same problem time and again. Whenever a residential roof needed replacement, the decking would need replacing too. Replacing the traditional underlayment without delaminating the decking was not possible.

The reason was simple: delamination. Tag & Stick developed a unique system for residential and commercial roofing. The underlayment is mechanically attached to the decking while the overlapped portions are self-adhered. This means that when you replace your roof in the future, there’s no need to completely redeck the roof.

Advantages Of Tag & Stick Underlayment For Residential Roofs

When it comes to residential roofing, contractors need to keep their costs as reasonable as possible. By using Tag & Stick for your project, you’ll save in the following ways:

  • Fewer trips per job: This is due to being able to complete the dry-in, metal, and cap sheet processes concurrently.
  • Skip a step: There is no need to prime the deck when using our unique modified application
  • Faster installation: Tag & Stick uses helpful markers that provide guidance for the overlaps and spacing for the mechanical attachment to the roof sheath.
  • Additional protection: Because the self-adhered portions are made of similar material, there is a secondary water backup barrier to protect against intrusion.

Meets South Florida Uplift And Installation Requirements

An important thing to take note of as a contractor is the Florida Building Code’s strict uplift and installation requirements. Tag & Stick’s marked-out guidelines on the underlayment product make it easy to comply with the standards of attachment and installation. There can be no errors of measurement, as mechanical attachment marks are equidistant and comply with the stipulated law. The same is true of the demarcated length of material overlap for the self-adhered portions.

Underlayment Works With All Residential Roof Coverings

Homeowners are spoiled for choice when it comes to roof covering options. Starting at the most affordable option of asphalt shingles through to the most premium metal roofs, Tag & Stick works with them all. The installation process is the same for each covering. The process is repeatable and intuitive. Who doesn’t appreciate simplicity and ease of installation?

No Mess, No Fuss Underlayment

Many contractors still employ a hot mop method of applying bitumen to the roof surface. This is a messy undertaking and hazardous. With the roof made mostly of wood, there is a significant risk of fire from the blowtorch used to heat the bitumen. The danger is compounded when the roof has a particularly steep slope. Tag & Stick’s mechanical attachment system ensures that your roof never needs to see tar or mops.

Residential Roofing Underlayment Developed In South Florida

Tag & Stick is proud to be a local South Florida company. We have the best underlayment technology for your needs. To find out more about our 115mm membrane, call us today at 954-255-3107.

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