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The Benefits Of Tag And Stick Roof Underlayment

commercial roof underlayment

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Low Slope roofing projects require time and precision. They can differ in size and style and often need specialized attention. A Low Slope roof also needs to provide a solid protection barrier from rain and wind. Therefore, a quality commercial roof underlayment is vital.

Roof underlayment offers a water barrier and can add years to your roof. Here are the main commercial roof underlayment benefits to consider:

Quick Installation Time

Conventional underlayment requires a lengthy installation. Few business owners can afford downtime in their business. The faster that business operations are reinstated, the better. A time-saving underlayment solution will save your business time and money.

This is where Tag & Stick Low Slope underlayment excels. It eliminates time-consuming methods. The secret lies in a two-ply, single step roof underlayment system. The first sheet is installed mechanically on the roof deck. Then, the second layer attaches to the first layer using a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The main benefit is that only one site visit is required. It’s a faster install time, with fewer labor hours required. And best of all, you can get back to operating your business faster.

Double Layer Barrier

Tag & Stick’s double protective layer gives your business added protection. The two-ply, reinforced fiberglass system offers a total of 115 mils of protection. This combines a top and bottom layer of 60 and 55 mils, respectively. These figures may sound thin, but they’re double the thickness of competing underlayment.

The result is a strong water barrier for your commercial space. Tag & Stick is a great option for Low Slope jobs especially mansard roofs. Even steep slopes are workable and offer the same protective barrier.

Long-Term Durability

Low Slope roof builds need to last for the long haul. They can be large projects that require a capital investment. Combined reinforced fiberglass and asphalt flux is a proven manufacturing method in underlayment. The result is increased durability that remains watertight in the dry stage. It’s resistant to foot traffic, which allows you to stagger your roof construction.

Need more convincing? Tag & Stick is the only underlayment that meets the full South Florida Building Code requirements. This includes severe wind uplift requirements. Tag & Stick is a proven underlayment system for your business.

Easy Removal

With all this being said, well into the future, you may need to remove your roof. Not all roofs are immune to the damaging effect of a hurricane! The good news is that Tag & Stick is easy to remove. No asphalt is peeled off your roof deck. Tag & Stick’s Low Slope roof underlayment is easy to remove due to its mechanical attachment. Your roof sheathing will remain intact.

Safe To Use

Conventional underlayment attachment methods are hazardous, to say the least. They put workers’ health and safety at risk and give off chemicals that go into the atmosphere. No matter what a roofing contractor might say, hot mopping isn’t a safe application method. Tag & Stick’s application involves zero harmful exposure to those involved.

Low Slope Roof Underlayment In South Florida

Tag & Stick underlayment was born from the idea that there had to be a better way: one that is quick to install, safe, and durable. Tag & Stick has been offering a better way for over 25 years. With experience in both roof contracting and manufacturing, it’s a trusted and certified commercial underlayment system. Contact Tag & Stick’s customer service team at 954-444-4843 to learn more.

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