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Tag & Stick: The Better Adhesive Roofing Underlayment

Adhesive Roofing Underlayment

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Roof underlayment systems play an important role in the waterproofing of your home. And with the wet Southern Florida climate, we know how important waterproofing can be. The truth is that not all roof underlayment systems are the same. Whether it is standard roofing underlayment or adhesive roofing underlayment, many come with empty promises and limited warranties.

What makes Tag & Stick the better choice when it comes to underlayment systems? Let’s have a look at why the Tag & Stick’s adhesive roofing underlayment system is better than conventional underlayment systems.

Unique Design

Tag & Stick has the advantage of a one-step application process, in comparison to two-step applications used by conventional underlayment systems. The Tag & Stick system remains thicker than its competitors and consists of two layers that add up to 115 mils of protection. The difference is that these two layers are applied in one step. This results in an effective water-resistant underlayment system.

Quick Application

The benefit of a one-step application process is that Tag & Stick installs faster than conventional underlayment systems. And as you may have guessed, a faster installation means labor cost savings. The Tag & Stick one-step installation process removes the need for a follow-up site visit and also requires less additional materials and relies on a smaller installation team.

All of these factors will help to save you time and money. But how is this quick application able to be achieved? It’s made possible because lengthy installation processes such as back nailing and hot tarring aren’t required. Instead, the primary underlayment sheet is attached mechanically and then followed up with a second sheet. These two sheets create a unique pressure-sensitive adhesive that forms a strong bind.


Durability is the name of the game when it comes to Tag & Stick. The combination of reinforced fiberglass and roofing asphalt flux makes it underlayment incredibly tough. Unlike conventional products, Tag & Stick can remain in the dry stage for several months and yet still maintains its water-resistant capability. It’s an incredibly resistant material and can easily tolerate foot traffic during the dry stage. Tag & Stick is also fully compliant when it comes to the various South Florida building code requirements.

More Versatile

Tag & Stick can be applied to just about any roof. It’s particularly handy for steep roofs which can be quite a challenge when it comes to underlayment installations. It can be applied to tile, shingle, metal, and even slate roof, and it doesn’t require existing flashings or roof sheathings to be removed. This simplifies the installation process.

And due to the mechanical fastening. The Tag & Stick system can also be easily and quickly removed in the case of a reroofing project.

Increased Safety

The Tag & Stick system doesn’t rely on potentially dangerous application method of hot mopping, which can lead to burns and wall damage. Contractors and customers are also protected from exposure to dangerous fumes associated with hot mopping. With Tag & Stick also being safely walkable during the dry stage, it’s all in all a safe underlayment solution.

Use The Better Underlayment System

Tag & Stick has found a way to overcome many conventional underlayment problems. Not only is the application faster and more versatile, but it’s also more durable and safer for installers. It’s just a better underlayment system.  Tag & Stick provides a proven mechanical underlayment system that will keep you protected for years to come. Roofs never rest and neither does Tag & Stick. Call us today at 954-255-3107 to learn more about this game changing product in adhesive roofing underlayment systems.

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A proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology that can be installed with any steep slope roofing products.

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