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Self-Adhered Underlayment vs Hot Mopping

Self-Adhered Underlayment vs Hot Mopping

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A roofing secret that is gaining some serious traction is self-adhered underlayments (aka peel and stick). Though hot-mop installations were the methods of choice thru about 15 years ago, self-adhered systems are now proving to be the superior underlayment solution. Finding the right  self-adhered underlayment company and product for the job is more of a challenge. At Tag & Stick, we understand the importance of using the best quality products which is why we make sure that our underlayment products are nothing short of top-class. Our underlayment solution combines the effectiveness of a proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology to make sure that your job is done with the high standard of quality that out performs local code requirements

For roofing jobs to move in the right direction, they need adhesive underlayment from Tag & Stick. Here’s why:

Pros of Peel and Stick Underlayment

Peel and stick is a revolutionary underlayment system and Tag & Stick has the greatest product for the South Florida region. A self-sealing adhesive underlayment made of reinforced fiberglass, and a unique base sheet made of like and kind material, this 2 ply modified underlayment system was made for sloped roofs, and is acceptable under all roof coverings.

  • A good self-adhered underlayment is matt soaked with modified asphalt and has a combined 2 ply of 115 mils, with the 2-ply system effective on a sloped roof with a mechanically attached base sheet.

  • Peel and Stick is an innovative, improvement, utilizing modern techniques and processes that supersedes older hot mopping procedures and materials. This takes the inconsistencies of relying on the installers to apply the proper amount of asphalt, our self-adhered underlayment gives a uniform factory applied adhesive

  • It takes substantially less people to perform self-adhered underlayment installation job because it is a much easier product to install than the hot mopping process.

  • Insurance companies often offer a substantial discount for a properly installed self-adhered underlayment.

  • A self-adhered underlayment can be left in the dry-stage for weeks or months without leaking. Foot traffic during application or repair will do considerably less damage, and windstorms are less troublesome.

  • self-adhered underlayments provide a solid layer of protection for the roof deck. If the roof tiles are not yet available, applying a self-adhered underlayment will be enough temporary protection especially when covered with blue tarp until tiles arrive.


  • Inferior products do run the risk of being peeled back by extreme winds. A combination of skill in application and a good product used can avoid this fate. Tag & Stick underlayment has the unique advantage of being the only product that meets South Florida Building Code requirements as well as all the requirements in the Florida Building Code. (Dade NOA # 18-0220.13, Florida Product Approval # FL15218-R2)

Pros Of Hot Mopping

  • It does tend to not run risk of any catastrophic initial leaks. ​​​​​​

  • Hot mopping does not always require a complete tear off if you are only doing a small repair. However, adhesive underlayment is so simplistic in comparison that this does not really set hot mopping ahead.


  • Built-up roofing is a labor-intensive job, always requiring more men and machinery than a peel and stick job.

  • A hot mop method generally has the shortest lifespan. Its plastic/fabric membranes tend to fail at the seams.

  • The hot mop method is dangerous to the installers and to occupants near work areas especially when dealing with it up on a roof! Peel and stick adhesive underlayment escapes that added burden. ​​​​​​

With all these factors playing on the side of self-adhered underlayment, it could be a good time to add this application process to your company repertoire. How insurance companies provide benefits when self-adhered underlayment is used can be a great way to sell a client on your method. Although hot mopping still remains one of the top underlayment solutions, there is no solid reason why it should beat self-adhered underlayment to the job – especially with it being less labor intensive and safer than hot mopping. A quality self-adhered underlayment like Tag & stick can withstand long exposure times if needed, and can shorten the time that re-roofing or a roof repair would take. We know that client satisfaction is critical to your work, and by providing adhesive underlayment as their roofing solution you tick that satisfaction box with a quality product, quicker installation time, and longer lasting final product.

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A proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology that can be installed with any steep slope roofing products.

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