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Florida roofers have been using self-adhered underlayment for years and as a result, the market has steadily grown. But with the growth of the market, roofing professionals experienced various issues with their methods and products. 

In some cases, adhesion was really good while in others there were issues with moisture and dust preventing adhesion. This reflects poorly on the quality of products used. After years in the roofing industry, Tag & Stick was born from a need to offer customers better quality workmanship, reducing project time, and saving on unnecessary costs for both the client and roofing professionals.

What Is Tag & Stick?

Tag & Stick is a self-adhered, peel and stick-style underlayment that is combined with a mechanically attached top sheet. 

This underlayment plays an essential role in preventing leaking.  It is the primary layer of waterproofing. Tag & Stick is a modern take to the traditional non-adhesive underlayment’s. Because of the two-ply layer, it has proven to be an effective barrier when installing new roofs or carrying out a reroofing project.

Combined with proven mechanical attachment and the self-adherent element, Tag & Stick can be installed on all steep slope roofing with a pitch of 2:12 with concreter & clay tile, metal, slate, shakes, as well as other types of roofing products used. This self-adhered method has become a preferred roofing product for most Florida-based contractors for a number of reasons including ease of installation, being safer for contractors.  It also is easily removable IF ever necessary in future.

Benefits Of Tag & Stick 

The Florida area is prone to harsh weather conditions such as hurricane strong-winds and torrential rains which have the potential to wreak havoc on homeowners’ roofs. Because underlayment needs to protect the home against stormwater forces and other weather elements, the quality of materials used needs to be superior. This allows the homeowner to feel protected and for the roofing company to be confident in their work done.

Hassle-Free Installation 

The first layer will be attached mechanically to the roof while the second layer adheres to the first. Combining these two layers creates a pressure that essentially laminates these layers together. There is no need for deck priming or back nailing cap sheets which reduce the amount of site visits contractors need to make.

The dry in, cap and metal sheet can all be installed in one trip. This also saves the customer from needing to make more time available for contractors. Install time is reduced and labor costs are saved for both parties.

Heightened Protection

Tag & Stick does not require coverings to be nailed or screwed, foam adhesives are acceptable, This eliminates the chances of water creeping in during a downpour. The roof is better protected from being damaged by moisture settling in. Tag & Stick has also been designed for maximum uplift during strong-wind seasons which offers the homeowner the security that their home and family can rely on the safety of their roof, as it should be. The extreme durability of this product is trusted by roofers across Florida.

Safer Installation Method

The installation process ensures that workers’ safety is never compromised. The Tag & Stick product comes in large rolls of felt and only one worker is required to install it. The material makes it safer for roofers to walk on and therefore maintenance and inspection is not as dangerous.

Traditional underlayment systems such as hot mopping can lead to burns, messy jobs, or damage to the walls of the house. This is avoided, and there are no harmful fumes threatening customers or workers. The safety of the roof itself is also enhanced because of the removal of Tag & Stick systems. It is not applied directly to the roof so upon removal, there will no damage.

The Best Roofing Products For Florida Weather

Tag & Stick is an impressive technology that is fast becoming a preferred option with roofing professionals. It is the perfect solution to wind uplift codes, moisture prevention, and roof protection. It also comes with a 25-year limited warranty to give customers further peace-of-mind. If you’re looking to transform your service offering, or as a homeowner you’re looking for only the best quality products for your roof, give us a call on 954-255-3107. You won’t be disappointed!

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A proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology that can be installed with any steep slope roofing products.

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