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Roofing Permit Checklist


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While we may take them for granted, roofs are the most integral component of our homes. Drafty doors and windows often cause an increase in bills, but roof damage can put the durability of our entire house into question. One way to prevent issues is by routine roof maintenance and even replacement. As it is such an essential part of our home, it is critical to ensure that any work is done correctly and legally, meaning obtaining the proper permits.

Here the experts at Tag & Stick, LLC provide a checklist for your roofing permit needs in Broward County.

Roofing Permit Basics

Getting a roofing permit may seem like a confusing process, but Tag & Stick, LLC wants to make knowing the basics as simple as possible.

Here is what you need to know:

Do I Need A Permit?

Knowing when you need a roofing permit can be hard to decide, but the general rule of thumb is that structural work will almost always require a permit. Some examples of structural roof work include replacing all your shingles, decking, full replacement, and vent work. If you just need to replace a few shingles after hurricane season, it would be best to check with the city or county to find the requirements.

Who Applies For It?

If you require a permit for roof work, only two people can apply for one: the homeowner or contractor. While homeowners can apply for the permit if they plan to complete the work themselves if there is no hot asphalt involved.  It is always recommended to hire a professional to prevent injury and ensure the job is done correctly. When you hire a licensed contractor to complete the work, they will apply for the permit. The permitting process is very challenging.

Why Do I Need A Permit?

If you do not have a permit for roof work, the repairs or replacement are considered illegal. While many think they can complete the job without a contract, they risk having issues with building inspectors. If they happen upon your handiwork, that of an unlicensed contractor, or any work without a permit, they can, at least, put a stop to the job. Other penalties the homeowner or contractor may face include paying a hefty fine or even having to remove all the work finished without the right permit.

Your Roofing Permit Checklist

Knowing what steps to take and when is key to having your roofing permit in order. Follow this simple checklist:

Permit Application

The first thing you should do to apply for a permit is to complete the application correctly. This form will include necessary information such as the homeowner and contractor’s name and details to more detailed information like flood zone location and the information of the architect or engineer, the bonding company, fee simple titleholder, and mortgage lender. The permit application must be signed by the property owner, qualifier, and notary. Upon approval, the permit officer will sign the document and apply a code in effect.

Plan Submittal

The next step is to submit your plan to the county. You will need two copies of:

  • Notice Of Commencement: This document details the home’s location, the owner and contractor’s information, and a general description of the roofing project.
  • Roofing Application Packet: This document helps the contractor further detail the project’s specifics, including a sketch of the roof plan and an equipment affidavit.
  • Miami-Dade County Notice Of Acceptance: This document lists the approvals of products from the purchase point.
  • Other Documents: For homes with a value over $300,000, a copy of the Broward County Property Appraiser’s valuation and two copies of Hurricane Mitigation Affidavits must also be submitted.

Tag & Stick, LLC Benefits

When you hire a licensed contractor for your roofing work, such as those at Tag & Stick, LLC, you can guarantee that they obtain all the proper permits. Along with our experience and diligence, as a bonded and insured company, we protect you and our employees in the off chance something goes wrong with the job or injury occurs. Trusting us with your roof also means we go above and beyond to follow all Broward County building codes. If you are ready to complete your roofing permit checklist and get started with expert repairs or replacement, call Tag & Stick, LLC today at (954)-255-3107.

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