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Roofing Material Options

roofing material

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Helping clients decide on the best roofing materials for their home extends beyond choosing the right styles or colors to achieve their desired aesthetic. Part of a successful roofing project includes ensuring that the roof is built to last and that the best quality materials are used to achieve this. Saving time and money, getting a job done efficiently is as important to homeowners and business owners. This is what we had in mind when we developed Tag & Stick because while there are many decisions to make when doing a re-roofing or installing a new roof, there is an advantageous option you should include.

The Essential Function Of Roof Underlayment

Quality roof underlayment systems are designed to protect your home from damage by weather elements like strong winds and heavy rains. The wooden structure is protected from moisture and leaks. Without this layer, mold can grow and further weaken the integrity of your roof.

In the South Florida area, heat can have a negative effect on your roof too. The underlayment system is spread over the plywood deck before tiles or shingles are added to the structure. Over the years, roofing underlayment systems have developed to offer roofers the best options for their clients. This involves shortening project time for the roofer as well as the client, offering superior quality roofing materials, and being able to offer the best value for money.

What Is Tag & Stick?

Tag & Stick is a peel-and-stick underlayment solution. It is a 2-ply single application barrier that combines mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology. It can be applied to any steep slope roof including tiles, slate, metal, shingles or shakes. Tag & Stick has gained popularity for its ease of installation but also for the many other advantages.

What Makes Tag & Stick The Better Option?

There are a variety of underlayment solutions that can be used. In the South Florida area, there are three common alternatives which include asphalt-saturated felt paper, synthetic underlayment, and rubberized roofing underlayment.

Rubberized roofing underlayment is one of the more popular choices in areas that experience a high amount of rainfall. Deciding on which system to make use of depends on the type of roof deck and the condition of the roof deck. Roofers should also look at the type of roof covering, and the other type of materials that are to be used. This is an important step of the roofing installation and deciding on the best underlayment must be made with care.

  • Tag & Stick offers that much more protection from water getting inside the home. In areas that experience extreme weather conditions, this gives homeowners the peace-of-mind they need when the strong winds and heavy rains arrive.

  • The installation time for underlayment is significantly reduced since no priming of the deck is required. The dry in, metal and cap sheet can all be installed at once. It is compatible with the existing flashing and battens.

  • IF removal of the underlayment is ever needed, it will not damage the decking which offers convenience for future renovations and maintenance to the roof.

  • The safety of the job site is improved since no hot mopping, hot torches, or chemicals are used.

  • Overall, Tag & Stick has a better uplift than other underlayment systems that are attached mechanically to base sheets.

Considering that installation time is decreased, roofers are able to finish jobs in a shorter period of time while still offering exceptional quality work. The client is able to save on costs because less labor is required, and they can be confident that their home is safe from water damage and wind. While the industry offers many roofing material options, Tag & Stick is a smart move for roofers in the South Florida area.

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