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Protect Your Roof With Tag & Stick Adhesive Roof Underlayment

Adhesive Roof Underlayment

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Florida weather can be unpredictable at the best of times. Hurricane season presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to building a home. Severe storm weather consisting of torrential rain and powerful winds require a roof that is well-protected. Tag & Stick presents THE BEST alternative for underlayment system on sloped roofs. Here’s why you should consider Tag & Stick’s adhesive roof underlayment for your new roof.

Why Is Underlayment Important?

Roofing underlayment IS the prime water barrier for your home. It combines along with your home’s decking to offer substantial protection if shingles or tiles blow off your roof during a hurricane. If stormy weather persists after the loss of some shingles you can rest assured that an effective underlayment system will keep your home safe until the shingles or tiles can be replaced.

Designed To Protect

Tag & Stick’s 2ply single application underlayment system differs from conventional underlayment systems. Conventional systems require a two-step process of first laying a base sheet and then returning to install the cap sheet. Tag & Stick’s single application process doesn’t compromise on quality and consists of a top layer of 60 mils and a bottom layer of 55 mils. When combined, these layers offer a sturdy, laminated underlayment of 115 mils. This quality allows the Tag & Stick underlayment system to provide an effective water-resistant two-ply barrier against storms.

Easy And Quick Application

Tag & Stick installs faster than conventional underlayment systems which will help to save on labor costs. One of the main advantages of Tag & Stick is that is doesn’t require challanging installation methods like hot tar. The first underlayment sheet is attached to the deck mechanically which is then immediately followed by a second sheet. The two sheets form a pressure-sensitive adhesive that laminates them together to form a water-resistant, two-ply barrier. This one-step installation prevents the need for a second site visit. The Tag & Stick system doesn’t require any deck priming and relies on a smaller installation team.

Incredibly Durable

Tag & Stick is hard-wearing thanks to its composition. The combination of reinforced fiberglass and asphalt flux gives it a formidable toughness. Tag & Stick can be left in a dry stage for months without any leaking taking place. It’s also resistant to foot traffic in its dry stage which makes your roof accessible for repair. Tag & Stick meets all of the South Florida building code requirements and is the only underlayment system mechanically attached that meets or exceeds the severe wind upliftment code requirements.

Versatile On Steep Roofs

If you’re building a steep roof for your new home, Tag & Stick can be applied to several types of steep slope roofing. These include tile, shingle, metal, slate, or any other steep-sloped roof that requires an underlayment. It can be installed with existing flashings and can easily be removed IF  a re-roofing project is necessary. It won’t cause any damage to sheathing and will save you time and money in the replacement process.

Tag & Stick adhesive roof underlayment has some key benefits. With quick installation and long exposure times, Tag & Stick will protect your roof from South Florida’s stormy weather. Remember, roofs never rest and the Tag & Stick system carries more than 25 years of combined roofing and manufacturing experience. With a wide range of sizing dimensions to choose from, Tag & Stick offers a custom fit for any roof shape or size. Make sure you have your roof and family covered when the next storm hits by choosing Tag & Stick adhesive roof underlayment. Call us today at (954) 255-3107.

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A proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology that can be installed with any steep slope roofing products.

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