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New Year, New Roof Underlayment!

Roof Underlayment

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If you are looking at new projects for the new year and replacing your roof is on the list, then you will also be needing new roof underlayment. Given the most recent hurricane season and how lucky we were in South Florida to avoid any major storms, now is a great time to get the job done!

Why Is Tag & Stick Underlayment A Great Addition To Your Roofing Project?

Maybe you have decided on a new roof and were unhappy to find out that you simultaneously need new underlayment as well. A big job that just got bigger. You’ll be glad to hear Tag & Stick is nothing like most underlayment systems.

Before we get into that, let’s address the fact that underlayment is par for the course with a new roof.

Inspector’s Orders On Underlayment

New roofs should come with new underlayment. For a proper inspection underlayment needs to be removed. An inspector cannot properly check for mold and damp if the underlayment is still in there hiding your decking from you. This way, every part of the new roof can be certifiably sound.

Staying In Line With The Roofing Codes

It’s wise to remove old underlayment and upgrade the materials to keep within regulations and codes. These also regulate what condition the underlayment should be in, and what conditions it should withstand.

Underlayment can wear and should be replaced, and a new year is the perfect time to get it done! It’s also a great opportunity to install the latest in innovation for a part of your home that only needs your attention once in a while.

New Work Warranty

For warranties on new roofing and other materials to be upheld, old underlayment must be removed in addition to the old roof. Fortunately, while Tag & Stick offers solutions, you can focus on your resolutions. Reapplying roof underlayment is quite easy with our simple product. Which means, it’s time to get back to the reasons that make Tag & stick less like other roof underlayment options and more like something you look forward to dealing with.

Tag & Stick’s New Years’ Solutions

Going into what makes this a unique underlayment product for your roofing project, there are a range of benefits to focus on.

Not Everything Earns The Description: Solution

When it comes to pulling up old underlayment, Tag & Stick does not damage sheathing. This is an unfortunate side effect, and one of the headaches, of having to redo underlayment. Something that you never have to worry about with Tag & Stick roof underlayment. It makes the next reroofing project even easier than this one will be,

Less Roof Time On Underlayment

Moving on to more immediate benefits, Tag & Stick is a single application roof underlayment solution, and the only solution of its kind to meet all of Florida’s wind upliftment codes. The dry-in, metal, and cap sheet are done in one go, so less working on the roof means less risk and less hassle for you. While you happily watch the job get done in less than half the time, you can also smile about it being a serious next level protective force against more than just the rain.

Save A Penny, Perhaps?

Qualified and accepted by Florida’s roofing standards, Tag & Stick may entitle you to a discount on your homeowners insurance. What sets Tag & Stick apart from other peel and stick products is that others pose challenges when reroofing, where Tag & Stick is designed to make this step super easy, making it a total win.

Lighter On Resources

It works with current flashing and it doesn’t entail all the dangerous steps usually involved in underlayment process. And its lifespan means you won’t need to worry about it for a while to come.

Florida Weather Working In Your Favor

The heat down here plays a positive role in the Tag & Stick process. The product is best installed at warmer temperatures. In fact, it’s practically made for our weather. The more degrees on the thermometer, the more pliable the product.

Tag & Stick Self-Adhering Underlayment

Ask for our product or head to the list of Tag & Stick distributors for your specific area, and get the most out of your new years’ roof-solution by getting the best in underlayment. Have more questions? Call us today at 954-255-3107.

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