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Looking For A Peel & Stick Roofing Alternative?

peel & stick roofing alternative

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The Florida sunshine that many of us enjoy can easily be interrupted by violent hurricanes and heavy rain. It’s for this reason that Florida homes need resilient underlayment systems to withstand these elements. Tag & Stick is a self adhered roofing alternative that offers impressive results.

With many roof underlayment systems on the market, here’s why Tag & Stick is the better peel & stick roofing alternative.

More Efficient Application

Conventional underlayment systems consist of multiple layers. The requires various application steps which take up time. The process can include installing a base layer, hot mopping, and back nailing cap sheets. Tag & Stick has the benefit of a one-step application process. This means a quick application every time. By using a combination of mechanical attachment as well as a self-adhering layer, Tag & Stick can be installed in a single site visit. This not only saves you time, but it also cuts out additional labor costs.

By Removing the need for a follow-up site visit, a smaller installation team is required. The change over from the dangerous and inconsistent installation processes such as hot mopping and back nailing give Tag & Stick the upper edge. It’s two pressure-sensitive layers form an incredibly strong bind.


Tag & Stick underlayment is incredibly durable. The bottom ply of 55 mils combined with the top ply of 60 mils forms 115 mils of thick fiberglass. This makes Tag & Stick roughly twice as thick as the competitors. The strength of this system lies in the combination of reinforced fiberglass and asphalt flux. It can also be left in the dry stage of several months while still holding onto its water-resistant properties. With all of these hard-wearing properties, it’s a question of what can’t Tag & Stick do?

All-Round Versatility

When it comes to sloped roofs, Tag & Stick adheres extremely well. This peel & stick roofing alternative can be applied to any degree of slope on a roof. It’s also incredibly versatile on a wide range of roofing types, including shingle, tile, clay, metal, and even slate roofs. Tag & Stick can also quickly be removed if a re-roofing project is required.

Better Safety

The Tag & Stick underlayment system doesn’t use dangerous application methods.

The conventional method of hot mopping compared to Tag & Stick can lead to wall damage or burning when applied incorrectly. The more concerning danger is one of exposure to dangerous fumes due to various chemicals in the hot mopping solution. This puts contractors and customers at risk of potential health concerns. As a peel & stick roofing alternative, Tag & Stick places value on the health of employees and customers by being completely safe to apply. It’s also safe to walk on during the dry stage while still maintaining its water-resistant properties.

Exceptional Wind-Upliftment Ratings

Tag & Stick beats all other underlayment systems when it comes to wind uplift ratings.

Its mechanically adhered properties mean that it’s incredibly resistant against strong winds. It confidently meets the South Florida Building Code wind upliftment requirements. Tag & Stick has been designed to withstand hurricane winds where protection levels cover winds of 120mph or greater in certain counties.

The Peel & Stick Roofing Alternative

Tag & Stick is the better roof underlayment system, plain and simple.

Developed by a team of experienced roofing contractors, it offers an incredibly versatile and safe underlayment solution. With a 25-year unblemished track record, you can have confidence in a product with a proven mechanical underlayment system. Call us today at (954) 444-4843 for more information.

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A proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology that can be installed with any steep slope roofing products.

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