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Is Tag & Stick Adhesive Underlayment Worth It?

Tag & Stick Adhesive Underlayment

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The roofing installation process is just that- a process! It includes a number of different steps, one of which is the underlayment system. Spread across the roof’s plywood deck, the underlayment for example, Tag & Stick, protects the wood from the outdoor elements. Found between the roof’s plywood deck and the tiles or shingles, the underlayment acts as a barrier against the heat and moisture–elements that South Florida is no stranger to!

The problem is that there are so many roofing underlayment options out there, that it may be tricky for you to choose which one you’d prefer. That is why we’re here, to make that decision a little easier for you by explaining why Tag & Stick should be the only option for your home’s roof.

Tag & Stick’s Unique Design

Tag & Stick holds a number of advantages over its competitors, all the way from its design to its application process. Not only is it a one-step rather than two-step application process but its system remains thicker than its competitors, consisting of two layers that add up to 115 mils of protection. This design allows for Tag & Stick to be a safe, durable, and versatile product that can be applied quickly.

Quick Application

Tag & Stick’s one-step application process is not only convenient, but it ends up saving you quite a bit of time and money. This process requires less time for installation, removes the need for follow-up site visits, requires fewer materials, and relies on a smaller installation team. Removing processes like back nailing and hot tarring and mechanically attaching the underlayment instead, Tag & Stick has streamlined the installation process.


Tag & Stick has combined reinforced fiberglass and roofing asphalt flux to create a roofing underlayment that is incredibly tough and durable. This combination makes it possible for it to remain in the dry stage for several months, easily tolerate foot traffic, and yet still maintain its water-resistant capabilities.


While it’s particularly handy for steep roofs, Tag & Stick can be applied to almost every roof without having to remove any of the existing flashing or sheathing. This simplifies the installation process even further. Tag & Sticks mechanical fastening also makes it quick and easy to remove in the case of reroofing.

Increased Safety

Tag & Stick has eliminated the need for potentially dangerous procedures like hot mopping. This rules out the risk of burns or fume inhalation by the contractors and customers as well as damage to your walls.

Other Benefits of Using Our Adhesive Underlayment

If your still not convinced that Tag & Stick is worth it, here are a few more reasons why this product continues to grow in popularity:

  • It can be exposed for 180 days before the final roof covering is installed without being compromised

  • The underlayment is 115 mil of thick, reinforced fiberglass made up of two plies. With the top ply being 60 mils thick and the bottom being 55 mils, together Tag & Stick is approximately twice the thickness of most other underlayment products

  • Its tough combination of materials makes this underlayment both durable and longer lasting

  • Being mechanically fastened to the deck, in the event of reroofing, Tag & Stick underlayment can be removed without damaging or delaminating the deck

  • Its fast installation not only saves the contractors trips to the site but saves you time and money

How Tag & Stick Can Help You

We understand that when it comes to your home’s roofing system, no risks or shortcuts should be taken. While Tag & Stick has simplified and sped up the installation process, it definitely has not cut any corners doing so. If you’re unsure of our manufacturing process or have any further underlayment queries, please give us a call on 954-255-3107.

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