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How Roof Underlayment Can Help You Save Money On Energy Bills

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As rising costs affect everything these days, utility bills are no exception. Residential electricity bills increased by 13% from 2021 to 2022, the most expensive surge in 20 years. Alarming trends like this have homeowners scrambling for ways to cut down on power usage. Apart from investing in energy-efficient appliances and reducing water heating expenses, there’s a less obvious solution: invest in quality roof underlayment.

Does that sound surprising to you? Read on to learn more about how your roofing materials can influence the power usage of your home or office.

The Link Between Roof Underlayment And Your Energy Bill

Roof underlayment serves as a protective layer between the supporting roof framework and the external roofing material. It functions as a barrier against water leaks by preventing the growth of damaging mold caused from excess moisture.

The quality of a roof’s underlayment affects a utility bill in the following ways:

Sealing Cracks

Any structural cracks in a building allow for heat that works against the efforts of the AC. This can cause the AC unit to work harder to maintain a consistent internal temperature. Using inferior underlayment products contributes to cool air escaping, as their insulating effects diminish over time.

Tag & Stick forms a protective insulating layer that is highly effective at eliminating temperature fluctuations and helps to reduce utility costs.

Reducing Internal Humidity

A well-insulated roof prevents water leaks in the ceiling. Ceiling leaks add to the amount of moisture that seeps into your home and remains trapped in the air. Humid indoor air holds heat, causing the temperature to rise.

As your AC works harder in a humid environment, wear and tear increases over time and can lead to lower efficiency levels. By reducing potential leaks, underlayment prevents high internal humidity and lowers the demand on the AC unit.

Improving Ventilation

Using a non-breathable underlayment material can prevent hot air from being released from the attic area. A build-up of hot air on a summery day is like having a giant oven overhead. It slowly heats the whole house, forcing the AC to kick in more frequently.

Breathable underlayment, such as Tag & Stick, allows the rising hot air to escape. This helps keep the whole house cooler and reduces the load on your AC and the amount of power it draws.

Lasting Protection That Looks After Your Biggest Asset

Your home is among the most valuable assets you own. Using products that are created for longevity help keep your home running efficiently for many years. Top-quality roofing materials that are installed correctly and checked every three to five years will last you 25 to 30 years. The energy-saving benefit over that length of time is significant!

Help Beat Rising Energy Costs With Smart Roof Underlayment Choices

When looking for an underlayment solution, Tag & Stick is a smart choice that not only lowers your utility bills but provides a ton of other benefits, too. From single-trip installation to cost-effectiveness, Tag & Stick underlayment provides dependable support. It can also be used on the steepest roof pitch.

Whether you’re looking for a solution for your home, or want to offer the best products to your roofing clients, we can help. Call us today at 954-255-3107 to learn more about the Tag & Stick difference.

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