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How Much Do Cheap Roofing Materials Really Cost Your Business?

Roofing Materials

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Cheaper is not always better. Especially when it comes to your roof. Although customers are usually on the hunt for cheaper prices, using cheaper and ineffective roofing materials will end up costing you and your client more money in the long run.

Trying to save on roof materials can lead you down a slippery slope and will damage your company’s reputation. Here’s a look at how using cheaper ineffective roofing materials can end up costing you extra in the long run.

Constant Repairs

Inferior roofing materials are never as good as quality materials.

Although they may do the job in the moment, they rarely come with the same track record and don’t have backed up warranties. For example, many roofing underlayment systems are thin and not hard-wearing. Over time, these systems will begin to wear, dry out and crack, which will run your job into problems before the warranty is over.

As a roofing contractor, you may also struggle when it comes to accessing warranties. Claimed warranties and guarantees are not always worth their weight on products that haven’t been tried and tested. Although the cost of a roof repair can be a shock to a client, cutting corners with inferior materials will only cost you and the customer more time and money into the future.

Failed Inspections

In South Florida, roof inspections are a prerequisite when roof projects have been conducted.

As a roofing contractor, you must have confidence in your workmanship and your products to pass the inspection. Compromising on the quality of roofing materials may come back to bite you later if your inspection fails. This will also leave you with questions to answer from an unsatisfied customer. Skimping on materials such as sealants, leak barriers, and edge metal can put your inspection at risk.

It’s also important to disclose the products which you are using to your client to give them peace of mind in the quality of the repair job. With Florida’s notorious weather, it’s important to use quality roofing materials that can stand the test of time.

Damaged Reputation

Although the use of inferior roofing materials may save you money initially, you carry an increased risk of negative customer feedback.

When customers aren’t happy, they will let you know about it. With information so easily accessible today, many clients are in the know when it comes to their roofing project. Some customers may even inspect the job themselves and look for areas where corners have been cut. Dealing with unsatisfied customers is detrimental to your business. Not only does it require additional money to be spent, but it also requires extra time on the job at the expense of another client. Not only that, you also run the risk of upsetting your other clients whose projects may be delayed.

Perhaps the biggest threat is the power of word of mouth. People talk and word travels quickly. Trying to change a tarnished brand perception is not an easy thing to do. Focus on ways to build your reputation as a roofer.

Choose Quality Over Cost

Cutting corners will end up costing you more than you bargained for. As a roofer, you need the best quality supplies for your projects. At Tag & Stick, our roof underlayment systems are top-class. Whether it’s for new installations, on for maintenance and repairs, our underlayment system provides proven mechanical strength with self-adhering technology. By choose quality and versatility, your customers will enjoy ongoing satisfaction. Call us today at 954-255-3107.

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