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Everything You Need To Know About Tile Roofing Underlayment

tile roof underlayment

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The roofing installation process is made up of various steps, one of which is the underlayment process. Tile roofing underlayment helps to maintain the integrity of your roofing structure by protecting it from the elements and preventing the development of mold and leaks. Although it cannot be seen, tile roofing underlayment plays a very important role in the roofing system. This means that when choosing which underlayment you’d like protecting your home, you need to think about and go after quality and durability.

While Tag & Stick is all of these, let’s start at the beginning and understand what exactly tile roofing underlayment is, why we need it, and what the most common options are.

What Is Roofing Underlayment?

Tile roofing underlayment is found between the roof’s plywood deck and the roof covering (Tile, Shingle, Metal, Etc.). Even though it is hidden by other materials, it is arguably one of the most important steps in the roofing process. Roofing underlayment, like Tag & Stick, protects the integrity of your roofing system by acting as a barrier against heat and moisture.

There are a number of roof underlayment options, the most common being:

Asphalt-Saturated Felt

Asphalt-saturated felt is an organic, asphalt saturated, paper-like material, but it’s the high concentration of asphalt that’s responsible for its water-resistant properties. This underlayment option was very popular before synthetics, polyester & fiberglass were introduced. Unfortunately, it has a “shelf-life” and in time will deteriorate under hot and moist conditions, compromising its ability to protect your home from water damage.

Rubberized Asphalt

The properties that make rubberized asphalt waterproof are the same properties reasonable for its higher price. Its high percentage of rubber polymer and asphalt are what make this underlayment option effective. Variations of this product are available for different climates with some being able to withstand 250°F and others designed for harsh winters. While the price may be slightly higher than other options, it does its job and it does it well.

Modified Bitumen Underlayment

A synthetic underlayment, like Tag & Stick, is the preferred underlayment option by most contractors for a number of reasons. Its base has a modified asphalt concentration making it water-resistant (in theory forever), while the addition of fiberglass allows it to have superior heat, strength resistance and stability. It’s easy to install, less slippery, and lasts longer.

While Tag & Stick is similar, its unique design helps it to stand out. By eliminating dangerous steps like hot mopping, this one-step application process not only increases safety but saves you both time and money. Its reinforced fiberglass and 115mil thickness make it twice as thick as other underlayment options and more durable. Typically designed for steep roofing systems, Tag & Stick can be applied to almost all roofing systems and removed without damaging the underlying deck.

When To Replace

The most common roofing underlayment system last around 15 to 20 years. This being said, there are a number of other factors that could shorten its lifespan! If you are experiencing or have noticed any of these, you may need to replace your roofing underlayment and should contact a professional:

  • Poor installation
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Low-grade underlayment

Why Tag & Stick Is The Tile Roof Underlayment Option For You

There are so many underlayment options out there and we at Tag & Stick understand that the process of choosing one can be overwhelming! Our product helps to streamline the roofing installation process, saves you time and money, and most importantly protects your home from the South Florida climate and all that she brings. If you’re planning a roof replacement or have any queries, please call us on 954-255-3107- we’d love to be a part of your home’s journey!

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