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Does A Metal Roof Need Underlayment?

metal roof underlayment

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Having a metal roof installed involves some key decisions. What panel will you use? What about the metal gauge? Which color roof will you choose? One decision that we overlook is deciding on the right underlayment. Metal roof underlayment forms an integral part of a metal roofing system. Bypassing an underlayment will cause you problems in the future. This is because roofing underlayment adds an important layer of protection. Here’s why your metal roof needs underlayment.

Provides Added Insulation

Underlayment creates a layer of insulation for your metal roof. Increased insulation minimizes potential heat gain. This is particularly helpful in our South Florida Summers. Underlayment will help to regulate your home’s temperature. This will no doubt keep you cool and comfortable when it’s hot. This means that you’ll also save on your cooling bills.

An Effective Noise Barrier

Roofing underlayment acts as an effective noise barrier for metal roofs.

This extra layer helps to absorb some of the noise that’s created from natural elements such as rain. In South Florida, we know all too well about rain. Minimizing the sound of hard rain will maintain a quiet environment within your home. And if you find the sound of rain soothing, you will still be able to hear the sound of raindrops hitting the roof.

Gives You That Extra Protection

As pleasant as the overriding South Florida climate is, it is also known for its hurricane season. In 2017, Hurricane Irma hit South Florida and caused an estimated $50 billion in damage. The good news is that underlayment provides an added barrier of protection for your roof. In the extreme case of a roof lift, the underlayment will continue to protect your home.

Provides An Even Surface

Roofing underlayment creates an even surface to lay your metal paneling onto. It will ensure that your roof looks flat and neat. Be sure to use a high-quality underlayment for the best results.

The Best Metal Roof Underlayment

Tag & Stick is the superior metal roof underlayment choice. Here are a few of the great benefits of this popular adhesive roof underlayment brand.

Fast Application

Metal roof installations are quick. Tag & Stick compliments this with its fast and effective installation process. Its one-step application process eliminates the need for follow-up visits. Tag & Stick’s mechanical fastening technique removes the need for hot mopping. An added benefit is that you’ll also save on labor costs due to the fast installation.

Highly Durable

Tag & Stick is hard-wearing. It matches the long-lasting nature of metal roofing. This protects you from having to replace the underlayment prematurely. It consists of reinforced fiberglass and asphalt flux. Both materials make it tough. Tag & Stick is also compliant with all South Florida roofing underlayment requirements.

Very Versatile

Tag & Stick’s contains advanced waterproofing technology. This reduces the possibility of loosening. It’s also versatile on steep roofs and it doesn’t come with installation limits like other underlayment systems do. Furthermore, it’s a durable roofing material with no need for the removal of existing flashings.

Metal Roof Underlayment You Can Rely On

Tag & Stick has been an industry standard for over 25 years. Its proven track record makes it the trusted underlayment choice. Recognized by the Roofing Contractors Association of South Florida, Tag & Stick is a dependable solution. Call us today at (954) 444-4843 or find Tag & Stick on Facebook.

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