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Calling All Roofers! Choose Tag & Stick For Residential Roofing Underlayment

residential roof underlayment

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As professionals in your field, we know that you value the importance of quality materials when picking a residential roofing underlayment for your roofing projects. This is particularly important for sloped roofing projects where underlayment plays a large role in its overall success. Tag & Stick offers an innovative solution to your residential roofing underlayment predicament.

In short, two layers of like materials are laminated together, creating a modified fiberglass application. This two-ply secondary water barrier system is the ultimate solution for all sloped roofs and here is why.

Various Residential Roofing Underlayment Options: How Do You Choose?

Besides taking South Florida’s climate into account, each home is unique and therefore requires an underlayment with specific qualities.

Before choosing a residential roofing underlayment for your project, a few things need to be considered, such as the:

  • Type of roofing system
  • Condition of the roofing system
  • Roof pitch
  • Type of covering
  • Type and thickness of materials
  • Underlayment installation method

Once all things have been considered a choice needs to be made on which underlayment to use. Asphalt-saturated felt paper was the most common and go-to-choice before synthetic underlayment was created. Synthetic underlayment is more stable and are a fiberglass-asphalt combination, while rubberized roofing underlayment is mostly popular in rainy areas.

Why Tag & Stick Should Be Your First Choice

There is a long list of reasons why Tag & Stick should be your first choice, some of which are:

A Sloped Roofing Underlayment Option Meeting Code Requirements

Tag & Stick is the only residential roofing underlayment that meets the South Florida code requirement, as well as those stipulated in the Florida building code (Dade NOA # 18-0220.13, Florida Product Approval # FL15218-R2).

What this means is that Tag & Stick meets all of the necessary standards and considerations on various roofing materials. Having passed both the wind uplift pressure test and the bell chamber test these results further confirm the high level of quality. While this is a huge selling factor, it is one of many advantages to choosing Tag & Stick.

A List Of Other Advantages

Some of the other and no less important advantages of choosing Tag & Stick:

  • Tag & Stick consists of two layers equating to 115 mils. A top layer of 60 mils and a bottom layer of 55 mils
  • Its two-ply secondary water barrier design prevents water intrusion, particularly beneficial in Florida’s tropical climate
  • Significantly faster installation than other two-ply systems
  • The quick and simple installation process means that fewer trips to the job site are required than usual and saves you both time and money
  • No priming of the deck is required before installation
  • This roofing underlayment option is easily removable without damaging the underlying sheath should roofing repair or replacement needs to take place
  • It eliminates the need for dangerous practices using hot tar, torches, kettle, and hot mops making it a much safer working environment for employees
  • Better uplift than codified 30/90 hot mop, and self-adhered materials over mechanically attached base sheets
  • Works with battens and all existing flashing
  • Dry in, metal, cap sheet all at once

How Tag & Stick Can Help You Today

Residential roofing underlayment plays a large role in the safety of a family, their home, and their belongings. Our team at Tag & Stick understands that quality and safety will always come first, no matter the cost. With that in mind, what if we told you that choosing Tag & Stick could save you both time and money without sacrificing quality or safety? Call us today on 954-255-3107 for all of your roofing underlayment questions, we would love to do business with you.

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